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Boise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Boise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When asked what they like about their motorcycle, most bikers will mention the feeling of freedom they experience during a ride. Unfortunately, the open design of a motorcycle also means that riders are almost completely unprotected in the event of a crash. Even when a helmet is worn, serious bodily injuries are the norm rather than the exception in motorcycle accidents.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash and you weren’t responsible for its cause, you have the option to pursue damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Your injuries are all but certain to be accompanied by expensive medical bills—bills that should be covered by the at-fault party. To get started on your claim, be sure to work with a Boise motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates. We can represent you throughout the legal process and make certain that nothing gets overlooked.


The Severe Nature of Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Because motorcyclists are so exposed, serious injuries are expected when a wreck occurs. Motorcycle riders and their passengers almost always have to absorb the full force of the impact, which typically results in catastrophic bodily harm.

These injuries will inevitably have a negative impact on your quality of life, something that needs to be accounted for in any settlement you receive. Your Boise motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to asses you injuries and their impact, thereby eliminating the risk of accepting a lowball settlement offer.

Whatever your injury, we’ll be able to help you, but listed below are some of the injuries we encounter in motorcycle wrecks the most often:

  • Amputations and Limb Loss – Many bikers instinctively try to brace themselves by using an arm or leg to slow their momentum. Unfortunately, this commonly ends in traumatic amputation at the crash scene or the need to amputate in the emergency room or hospital later.
  • Brain Injuries – Even wearing a helmet can’t guarantee that you won’t experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) of some sort. The full effects of these injuries are difficult to gauge, so your Boise motorcycle accident lawyer will work closely with your doctor to determine how your life will be impacted.
  • Broken Bones – For the same reason that amputations are so prevalent in motorcycle wrecks, broken and fractured bones are also frequently seen in crash victims.
  • Spine Injuries – Whether to the neck or back, damage to the spine can result in paralysis and other forms of decreased mobility.
  • Internal Damage – Motorcycle accidents often involve internal bleeding and organ damage.
  • Mental and Emotional Distress – Not all crash injuries are physical. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and other ailments often follow a dramatic crash. A Boise motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm will make certain that your mental and emotional injuries are taken as seriously as your physical ones.


Filing an Idaho Wrongful Death Claim

Sometimes injuries aren’t the worst result of a motorcycle accident. It’s not uncommon for a crash to cause a fatality. If you have a loved one who died in a motorcycle wreck that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may qualify to file a wrongful death suit in order to recover damages that would be similar to a personal injury lawsuit.

In Idaho, if you represent the deceased’s estate or are a lawful heir, you have the right to file for wrongful death. Family members may also file, including spouses, children, stepchildren, parents, and blood relations who were financially dependent on the victim.

A Boise motorcycle accident lawyer from our office can help you determine whether you qualify and what your options are.


Motorcycle Accident Financial Compensation

As mentioned, motorcycle wreck injuries tend to be severe, which also means they tend to incur substantial expenses in the form of medical bills. The party at-fault for your crash should be the one to pay these bills—not you. It doesn’t just stop with medical bills, either.

Boise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 2Your Boise motorcycle accident lawyer will help you seek financial compensation for all of the ways that you have been affected by the crash, financially and otherwise:

  • Past, current, and future accident-related medical bills
  • Lost income and wages if you’ve had to miss time at work
  • Expenses for therapy, both physical and emotional
  • Loss of consortium if your marriage or personal relationships have suffered
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Pain and suffering


Determining Fault for the Motorcycle Wreck

Of course, in order to seek compensation for your damages, we’ll first need to determine precisely who was responsible for causing the crash. After a full investigation, a Boise motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm will be able to name all of the parties who played a role in what happened.

Drivers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles are the most likely culprits, as they often fail to notice the smaller frame presented by bikers. This is no excuse, however, and it’s not uncommon for an additional factor such as distracted driving, drunk driving, or speeding to have contributed.

Government entities are also often involved in motorcycle accidents. Poor road upkeep can lead to the development of potholes and other dangerous road conditions. These might be minor nuisances to cars, but they can easily cause a motorcycle to flip or lose control.

Private companies are also sometimes to blame. Whether your crash was caused by a defective part or shoddy road construction, your Boise motorcycle accident lawyer will help you determine where the blame lies.


Boise Motorcycle Accident FAQ

No doubt you have questions after your motorcycle accident. Answered below are some of the ones we hear from our clients on a regular basis. If you would like additional information, please contact us in order to schedule a time to meet with a Boise motorcycle accident lawyer.

Will I be treated fairly in court if I ride a motorcycle?

Motorcyclist often face false stereotypes as reckless drivers and other forms of unfair bias against them. Opposing attorneys may attempt to use this against you and portray you as responsible for your own injuries. Retaining your own legal counsel is the best way to fight this treatment.

How does comparative fault work in Idaho?

In Idaho, multiple parties can bear a portion of the blame for an accident, including you. You may be assigned a percentage of the fault, which will then reduce your settlement amount by the same percentage. So if you receive a $100,000 settlement but are 10 percent at fault, you will only receive $90,000 in the end.

What if I was doored by someone getting out of a parked car?

If your motorcycle accident was caused by a driver opening a door into your path, the driver will almost certainly be at least partially at fault for not checking to see that there was no oncoming traffic. However, if you were not supposed to be driving that close to the car, you may bear some of the fault, as well.


Contact a Boise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Securing sound legal advice is the best course of action you can take after being involved in a motorcycle crash. A Boise motorcycle accident lawyer form Craig Swapp & Associates can evaluate your case and help you determine how best to proceed. We’ve helped others like you all over Idaho, so give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or enter your information into the contact form at the bottom of this page.