Car accidents in Boise can be confusing and overwhelming experiences. Most car accident questions aren’t easily answered and will require the assistance of our attorneys. Here are some brief answers provided by our Boise car accident lawyers to some common questions you might have regarding a car accident:

What if I am partially at fault?

Car accidents can happen within a matter of seconds, and when you add in the trauma of injuries and the accident itself, it can be difficult to figure out just who was at fault. It’s best to let us go over the details of your accident and help you determine just who was at fault and to what extent.

How long will it take to settle?

Car accident cases can take anywhere from months to years, depending on the details of the case. The most important factor in any car accident case is to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, no matter how long that might take. We can take a look at your case and give you an estimate of what you can expect.

How much do you charge?

Most personal injury cases, including car accidents, are based on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that we don’t receive payment unless there is a settlement. The benefit of this type of payment agreement is that you can focus on moving forward rather than on the cost and expense of your legal fees.

Can you help me with medical bills?

We can include reimbursement of medical bills and expenses in your settlement, but it’s best to continue to pay your bills if possible. If you aren’t able to pay your medical bills right now, we can help you set up arrangements with the providers. Let us know which bills you cannot cover and we can figure out how to deal with them in the meantime.

What damages can I get compensation for?

Damages and compensation are dependent on the details and injuries of your car accident. Compensation can include medical bill expenses, time off work, and even loss of the ability to participate in day-to-day tasks. Once we have a chance to go over your car accident and your losses, we can give you a better idea of what you can get compensated for.

Should I take the settlement offer?

Many times, insurance companies and other professionals might try to offer a quick settlement in order to close the case. In most cases, this settlement is not going to be enough to cover your damages now and in the future. It’s best to allow your attorney to look over the settlement offer before you agree to anything. Even if the settlement offer looks sufficient, there are many areas that are easily overlooked. Further, it most likely won’t be based on your best interests, but will instead be based on the lowest amount they can possibly offer. Don’t risk losing more than you already have by making a hasty decision.

What do I do if the insurance company denies liability?

It isn’t unusual for the other driver’s insurance company to deny liability, even if it seems clear to you that the other person was responsible for the accident. In these cases, you’ll need an experienced car accident lawyer to make sure the right person is held responsible, even if it means the insurance company currently denying liability. However, getting an insurance company to accept liability isn’t easy and will require the assistance of experienced car accident lawyers.

What if the other insurance company contacts me?

It may be best, at first, to decline to speak with the other driver’s insurance company, especially if you have just been in a car accident and aren’t yet sure how to proceed. You can give them your attorney’s contact information, but you are under no obligation to speak with anyone representing the other driver.

Experienced Boise Car Accident Lawyers

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