Liability in wrecks that involve Uber drivers isn’t straightforward, but getting the compensation you need requires making sense of the situation. Find out how to handle your claim by working with a Boise Uber accident lawyer.

As Uber and other rideshare services become increasingly popular, the number of accidents occurring as a direct result of negligent Uber drivers is increasing, too. That’s left passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers at a loss for how to approach seeking compensation. The question comes down to “who should be held responsible: Uber or the driver?”

Answering this question is dependent on the status of the Uber app at the time of the crash. This means that an investigation into what happened is a necessity, something made much easier when you have help from a Boise Uber accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.


What Causes Rideshare Auto Wrecks?

In some cases, rideshare accidents occur simply because the drivers do not have the experience or training required to drive professionally. Uber doesn’t have exhaustive testing or licensing procedures. Depending on where you live, you may only need to take out special insurance and register with the company to get on the road.

In contrast, most taxi companies require their drivers to hold special licenses in order to transport passengers. As Uber driving is becoming a popular way to make money, many drivers are younger and have limited experience driving.

Additionally, Uber drivers experience crashes at the same rates as other drivers and for similar reasons. This means they occasionally make mistakes like running a red light, speeding, making an illegal turn, or failing to yield to traffic at an intersection.

However, the risk of distracted driving rises for drivers who may be trying to field calls or check their GPS for addresses while driving, even if they use devices hands-free. The additional equipment can present a distraction that leads to a collision.


When Is Uber Financially Responsible?

As mentioned, who is financially liable is largely determined by the status of the Uber app at the time. There are essentially three main possibilities:

  • The app is turned off and the driver is “off duty”
  • The app is turned on and the driver is either waiting on a fare or en route to pick one up
  • The app is turned on and the driver has a paying customer in the vehicle

The first situation is the most straightforward. If the driver isn’t “on the clock,” then his or her own private insurance will be financially liable. Uber will not be responsible.

Things get a little less simple with the second and third scenarios. If the app is on but the driver is waiting on a fare, a limited liability policy kicks in, meaning that Uber will provide some coverage for damages and injuries. If the driver does have a paying fare at the time, then Uber’s full policy kicks in and the rideshare company takes responsibility.


Boise Rideshare Car Accident Lawyer

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