Sideswipes are often viewed as minor accidents, but they can cause serious injuries and other damages. Make certain that you get fully compensated by working with a Boise sideswipe accident lawyer.

If you were injured as a direct result of a sideswipe accident, a Boise sideswipe accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Side impacts can be extremely devastating and may cause serious or critical injuries depending on where the collision occurs.

Understanding exactly how and why sideswipe accidents occur can help you determine if you should seek financial compensation, but ultimately, the best action is to consult with a lawyer directly.


How Do Sideswipe Accidents Cause Damage?

Collisions from the side come with a long list of potential damages, both to the vehicles involved and to the individuals within them. The amount of damage depends largely on how fast the vehicles were traveling and the angle from which the impact occurred.

For example, if another vehicle hits you from the side straight-on, it will likely cause far more damage to your vehicle than a car that hits you from a slight angle and barely grazes your door. Generally, the more perpendicular to the vehicle, the greater the damage. At a ninety-degree angle, a sideswipe becomes a T-bone accident instead.

Crumple damage and body damage occur first, with damage to the engine and other parts usually occurring in more serious accidents. If the crumple is severe enough, it may pin a passenger in and cause broken bones or even an amputation.


Increased Risk of Multiple-Vehicle Accidents

Sideswipe accidents also increase the risk for chain reactions that may involve three, four, five, or more vehicles—especially if the vehicle that initially made impact was traveling at extremely high speeds. The higher the speed, the more likely the vehicle is to be pushed into oncoming traffic, impacting other vehicles, pedestrians, curbs, medians, and other environmental objects.

It is sadly common to have a sideswipe result in a multi-car pileup, especially when roads are slippery or wet.


Causes of Sideswipe Accidents

Most sideswipe accidents happen because drivers aren’t paying attention to either the road or traffic. Sideswipes caused by drivers who don’t check their blind spot when making lane changes are common, as are sideswipes that occur because the driver is distracted and floats into the other lane.

Drinking and driving is also a significant contributor. In all these situations, the driver of the other vehicle would be the one most likely at fault or negligent, which would mean that victims could be entitled to financial compensation. A Boise sideswipe accident lawyer can help you develop a case for compensation based on the evidence and factors involved in your accident.


Experienced Boise Sideswipe Accident Lawyer

Sideswipe accidents can be particularly devastating. If you or someone you love has been in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Call the attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates toll-free at 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the form below for a free consultation.