Were you injured in a pileup involving multiple vehicles? If more than one or two vehicles were involved, it is critical that you hire a Boise multiple-vehicle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to represent you.

Each driver’s attorney will be working to determine who was at fault for the crash and who is financially liable for the damages caused. They could be looking at you, so even if you are an innocent victim, you will want an attorney on your side.


Who Caused the Pileup?

This may sound like a simple question but it’s not. In a multiple-vehicle accident, each driver could potentially be at least partially responsible. While the first driver to hit a vehicle is probably to blame for starting the wreck, this isn’t always the case, and that driver might not be responsible for subsequent crashes that add to the pileup.

For example, was the fourth vehicle in the crash driven by a distracted driver? Did the driver have time to see the crash and avoid it? Was the driver of the third vehicle speeding and swerving in and out of traffic? If so, he or she might have been breaking the law at the time and also be negligent.

These questions will need to be carefully asked and answered to determine who was to blame for the crash and what percentage of negligence should be assigned to each driver. Knowing this is critical to your case, as someone needs to have been negligent in order for you to have grounds for a claim.


Negotiating Your Settlement Could Get Complicated

If more than one party is sued because more than one driver was at fault, negotiations can quickly become complicated. In this case, we could be negotiating with more than one insurance company, making it even more important to hire a Boise pileup lawyer to represent you.

Just be sure to direct any questions by the insurance company to our office. Their goal will be to pay as little as possible for your injury claim. If they can use your answers against you, they will—and it can hurt you in the end. Protecting yourself from this risk is as easy as having them go through our office for all questions.


Full Compensation

If the settlement offer is good, you may want to take it. Settlements are a sure thing. If amount is comprehensive, you can accept it, sign the agreement, and get paid. There is no risk. When you go to court, there is no way to tell how a jury will respond. You could be found more negligent and get nothing, or they could award less than the initial settlement offer.

However, going to court creates the opportunity seek more money for your claim. This is because we can ask a jury to award money for punitive damages. Sometimes, they will do this in order to punish an egregiously negligent at-fault party. This would be on top of the money awarded to pay for your financial losses and reduced quality of life.


Speak with a Boise Pileup Lawyer

It is within your best interests to hire an attorney as quickly as possible. This gives us more time to prepare for trial and to gather the evidence necessary to identify all the negligent parties involved in a multi-car accident.

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