Suffering a facial injury, vision loss, or a disfiguring scar can be traumatic. If you were in a car accident that has left you with facial wounds and permanent disfigurement, you deserve compensation. A Boise car accident facial injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get it.


Disfigurement After a Car Crash

While looks aren’t everything, suffering a facial injury can impact how you feel about yourself and how others treat you. Additionally, facial reconstruction can create massive expenses that are often not covered by health insurance.

If the accident was caused by the negligence of someone else, you should be compensated and have the ability to recover to the fullest extent possible. To make sure that you can, hire an experienced attorney from our firm to represent you and file an injury lawsuit on your behalf.


Are You Emotionally Traumatized?

If you are constantly sad, depressed, or upset when you look in the mirror or think of your facial injury or vision loss, it may be difficult to go on with life. Working, spending time with friends, dating, etc. may be too much to handle and this can lead to a significant loss to your quality of life.

You will likely qualify for non-economic damages to compensate for your pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost companionship. This money is not tied to a specific expense like facial reconstruction or eye surgery. Instead, it is meant to acknowledge the pain you are experiencing emotionally and how your life has changed after the wreck.


Do You Need Plastic Surgery?

After suffering a disfiguring face injury, you should be entitled to receive whatever plastic or reconstructive surgery is necessary to regain your former appearance. These surgeries can take time and be terribly expensive. Most medical insurance will not pay for them, so you will need money from your lawsuit to move forward.

To make sure that you can benefit from all available surgical options, you need an attorney who can work with various medical professionals to gather facts for why each procedure is necessary, how much it costs, and what the recovery process will entail.


Money to Pay for Your Face and Eye Injuries

You should receive compensation for all of your injuries and how they have impacted your life. You are entitled to economic damages to pay for all accident-related expenses and financial losses, including the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Transportation expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medications
  • Caregiver costs


A Boise Car Accident Disfigurement Lawyer Can Help You

You should not have to suffer the emotional and physical trauma of a disfiguring face injury or vision loss. You have the right to recover to the fullest extent, and that includes a recovery for your health, appearance, and emotional wellbeing.

Give yourself the best chance of doing so by working with an injury lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates. You can schedule a free consultation by calling 1-800-404-9000 or by reaching us through the form below.