What caused your car accident? If you were hurt in a single-car crash, you may be taking responsibility for something that was not your fault. It could be that a defective car part is to blame, and in that case, the manufacturer could be liable for your losses and injuries.

To find out if you have a case, speak with a Boise defective part car accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.


Were You Hurt Because of a Faulty Auto Part?

Some accident victims know that a bad part was responsible for the wreck, but in other cases, it comes as a surprise after an investigation completes. If your accident happened for no apparent reason, it is important to research what happened. Some common problems associated with bad parts are as follows:

  • Rollovers on tight corners, even when driving at low speeds
  • Spontaneous fires
  • Acceleration that is sudden or uncontrolled
  • Brakes not working
  • Electrical system going out

Essentially, any odd or inexplicable issues regarding your vehicle or any failure to respond to your commands could be due to a bad part. In which case, you might be able to sue the auto or parts manufacturer to collect compensation.


You Need to Prove the Connection

Once you suspect that a defective car part caused your wreck, it is time to prove it. An auto manufacturer will have a team of lawyers whose sole job is to protect their legal interests and reputation. They will not easily concede. This makes it critical to hire an experienced attorney to gather evidence and build a strong case for what happened and why you deserve compensation.

Evidence will be gathered during the discovery process, and expert witnesses may be employed to further prove your case in court.


Your Case Could Settle

If the evidence is strong enough, the auto manufacturer might try to settle your case out of court. Not wanting to admit that they sold a vehicle with a defective car part, it can be within their interests to make a strong settlement offer and close the case.

Do not try to negotiate this on your own. They will have high-powered attorneys that know how to settle for as little as possible, and they will be actively working against you. Protecting yourself requires hiring your own attorney to represent and protect your interests at all times, including during negotiations.


How to Get More for Your Injuries

Working with an attorney can help you get more money for your injuries. At first, the insurance company might offer to pay for medical bills and lost wages, but you deserve far more than that. Any expenses that you have suffered due to the accident and your injuries should be recovered.

Also, you deserve money for pain and suffering and the ways that your injuries have impacted your quality of life. These are non-economic damages and are often “overlooked” by the insurer initially.

If the jury wants to punish the manufacturer for selling a vehicle with a bad part, they may also award punitive damages. This can significantly increase the amount of money you receive, but it will only be awarded if truly egregious in willful negligence were involved.


Call a Bose Auto Wreck Lawyer

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