If you have recently been in a truck accident in Boise or anywhere else in Idaho, you likely have several questions on your mind. These Boise truck accident frequently asked questions cover many of the common topics that people are concerned with.

However, for information that is specifically relevant to your case, it’s always best to seek professional legal advice from one of our attorneys.


What are some of the more common injuries in Idaho truck accidents?

Just about any injury can occur when you are involved in a truck accident. Some of the more serious long-term injuries involve brain injuries and spinal injuries. It is rare to see injuries from a truck accident that are not severe or life-altering in some way.

An exception may occur if the truck simply tapped your bumper, but even then you may experience significant pain and suffering through whiplash or something else unforeseen.


Who is responsible for the cost of the accident?

In Idaho, liability rests with the person who caused the accident. In most cases, drivers can sue the responsible party for financial compensation. However, it has to be proven that the person being sued was at fault, which means evidence, testimony, and other details have to be considered.

In any case, insurance is usually the focus of these lawsuits unless the individual in question does not have any. When it comes to truck accidents, responsibility can become even more complicated, as you may have to investigate equipment manufacturers, the truck driver, and even the trucking company.


Do I need a truck accident lawyer?

Any time you are involved in a truck accident or are seeking compensation for your injuries, it is best to have a legal professional representing you in a court of law. Legally, you are able to represent yourself, but you may run the risk of missing a step along the way or overlooking important details. Because of this, you also risk losing a case that cannot be tried again.

In order to get the compensation you deserve, you need experienced lawyers on your side to help.


What happens if I don’t get a lawyer?

If you don’t get a lawyer, you will still be required to file papers and forms in a timely manner and present the same level of evidence and legal knowledge that a lawyer would. This is one reason that enlisting the services of an experienced attorney is so beneficial. Truck accidents in Idaho can be complicated matters that you don’t want to risk attempting to navigate on your own.


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