In all likelihood, the last thing you ever expected was to be injured in a hit-and-run with a semi-truck. It’s understandable if you are angry that a trucker hit you and drove off without taking any responsibility.

It’s surprisingly common for commercial trucks to be involved in hit-and-run accidents. Whether the driver was intoxicated, distracted, or not properly licensed, it can be stressful knowing that you are left having to deal with the aftermath without knowing who caused the crash. Instead, the trucker fled the scene in an attempt to avoid responsibility.

Like other kinds of accidents, you may have the right to compensation for your injuries and the damage done to your vehicle. Figuring out what went wrong and who hit you can be an overwhelming task. Determining the proper course of action to take in order to recover compensation requires the experience of a Boise hit-and-run truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp and Associates.


Semi-Truck Accident Hit-and-Runs Are Unique

Not knowing who was responsible for the crash is obviously a problem that can interfere with your ability to recover damages. Unfortunately, while some of the fleeing truckers involved in these crashes were certainly aware of what happened, it’s also possible that the trucker is ignorant of the fact that your vehicle was struck, especially if you were hit by the trailer or on the trucker’s passenger side.

Regardless, it’s not easy to identify a hit-and-run driver, even when he or she was behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler. An investigation needs to take place, and that’s where we come in. A lawyer from our firm will use our investigative resources, question witnesses, and examine any camera footage to identify who caused the hit-and-run.


What if the Hit-and-Run Driver Is Not Found?

Your insurance company may provide compensation if the truck driver is never found. This is done through filing an uninsured driver claim, as long as you have the proper provision in your policy.

Even when dealing with your own insurer, you still have to be wary, however. While they can’t pin blame on you and get out of paying for this sort of claim, they can still lowball your settlement offer and deny certain aspects of your claim. By working with our firm, you can make certain that you receive all of the compensation and benefits that you’re entitled to.


Punitive Damages and Hit-and-Runs

If the guilty driver is identified, punitive damages may be sought for punishment of the trucker’s careless and reckless conduct. These damages are in addition to the financial and non-economic damages that you can normally recover through your personal injury claim.

Your attorney will be able to assess your case to determine if punitive damages can be pursued.


Contact a Boise Hit-and-Run 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

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