An alarming number of situations can lead to poisoning, but when toxic exposure is someone else’s fault, you deserve compensation. A Boise toxic exposure attorney can help you get what you’re owed.

Being exposed to a toxic chemical or other substance can be life-threatening, particularly when the exposure is prolonged. It’s easy to overlook all of the ways in which you can be exposed to dangerous elements, whether it’s what you wear, eat, or breathe in.

Fortunately, Idaho law has civil protections for everyday citizens and consumers, allowing these parties to recover damages for the poisoning that has put their health at risk. To get the compensation you deserve, contact a Boise toxic exposure lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates.

Types of Toxic Exposure

It should come as no surprise that there are a wide variety of types of toxic exposure, some of which are easy to identify and some of which are difficult to trace.

For example, you may be living on an old property and, unbeknownst to you, are exposed to lead. You may later experience a host of fatigue-inducing symptoms, which truly puzzle you.

If you are able to pinpoint the symptoms to your Boise toxic exposure, you very well may have a premises liability suit on your hands. In such a situation, you might be able to seek compensation from the property owner.

Another example could be a prescription medication that you’re advised to take by your physician. If the medication is tainted or you ingest a sharp object buried somewhere deep in the medication’s container, this incident could serve as the basis for a toxic exposure case. You might hold the medication manufacturer accountable in that case.

There are numerous unique types of toxic exposure cases. A Boise poisoning lawyer can help you identify the type of toxic exposure case you have and the best way to pursue compensation.

Toxic Exposure Law in Idaho

While poisoning is poisoning wherever you are, it’s important to understand how toxic exposure law works in Idaho.

For personal injury cases, Idaho uses a standard called modified comparative negligence, which only allows victims to recover damages if they’re not deemed primarily responsible for their harm.

If you were determined to be, say, 55 percent liable for the onset of your symptoms of toxic exposure, you would not be eligible to receive any compensation. On the other hand, should the judge deem you less than 50 percent liable, you would be eligible to receive damages proportionate to the level of liability that other parties hold.

You should also be aware of Idaho’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which gives toxic exposure victims two years to file a claim for compensation.

Compensation for Poisoning in Boise

Because toxic exposure can affect you in many ways, it’s imperative to account—and be compensated—for all of these various harms.

Boise toxic exposure damages for which you could be compensated may include pain and suffering, medical bills, reduced quality of life, emotional trauma, rehabilitation, and many others.

Call a Boise Toxic Exposure Attorney

If you’ve been exposed to any kind of toxic chemical, it’s critically important to obtain compensation, which can bring you a sense of justice and serve as a future deterrent to anyone who has violated your health.

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