The aftermath of any crash can be difficult to sort out, but a public transport wreck can be especially so. To find out who was responsible for you injuries, consult with a Boise public transportation accident lawyer.

Suffering an injury in a public transportation accident—whether as a passenger, pedestrian, or another driver—can make it incredibly difficult to determine how to get compensation. These vehicles have so many different parties involved in their operation, and any of them could have been partially responsible for what happened.

This shouldn’t stop you from getting the funds you need to recover, however. A Boise public transportation accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you investigate your accident so that you can find out if you have a case and against whom.


Fault Is Complicated in Public Transport Crashes

The vast majority of vehicles involved in public transportation will have multiple entities involved in their maintenance and use. Many of these vehicles are publicly owned, meaning that a government agency could even be responsible for your injuries.

Your Boise public transportation accident lawyer will help you determine who needs to be named in your personal injury claim:

  • Rideshare Accidents – Accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers are especially complicated. These drivers are considered contractors, so whether you’ll need to be compensated by their insurance or the rideshare company’s will be determined by the status of the app at the time of the crash and whether the driver had a fare at the time.
  • Bus Crashes From school buses to tour buses to city buses, these accidents are rarely simple to sort out. If it was a for-profit company, their hiring practices will need to be examined. Conversely, government-run buses will often mean that special rules will apply to your claim.
  • Taxi Wrecks Most taxis are owned and maintained by a company, although some are run by lone individuals. Regardless, special insurance will likely be involved.
  • Train Accidents – Being involved in a railroad crash is almost certain to leave you with catastrophic injuries. You’ll need to know if the train’s owner, a service team, or a parts manufacturer was to blame.


Getting Compensated for a Public Transportation Wreck

Once fault has been established, your Boise public transportation accident lawyer will file a demand for compensation with the appropriate insurance company. You’ll be able to seek restitution for virtually any financial expenses, damaged property, and non-economic losses that you suffered due to the crash.

Financial damages should include all of your current and future medical bills. Any income you have lost also needs to be factored in, as well as lost future earning capacity if it’s been diminished. Other financial expenses could include transportation costs, caretaker wages, vehicle repair, home renovations made to accommodate a new disability, and so on.

Your non-economic damages will cover all of the ways that your quality of life has decreased because of the accident and your injuries. This includes your pain and suffering, any lost sexual function, damage done to your marriage, and lost enjoyment of life.


Contact a Boise Public Transport Crash Attorney

When someone else was at fault, you shouldn’t be the one covering the bills that follow an accident—including a crash that involves some form of public transport. To explore your legal options for compensation, contact Craig Swapp & Associates. To schedule a free consultation with a Boise public transportation accident lawyer, give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or reach us through the contact form below.