Depending on the circumstances, a welding accident can lead to everything from severe burns to serious fall injuries. Find out how to get compensated for your losses by consulting with a Boise welding injury lawyer.

As a welder, you are highly trained and likely know how to prevent injuries. Still, accidents happen, and when they do, you need to consider whether someone else was to blame.

If you feel that your construction welding accident was caused by outside negligence, you should hire a Boise welding injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to represent you. After all, as someone with a specialized skillset, you likely know when something went wrong and why.


Going Beyond Workers Compensation

Workers compensation laws are designed to protect employers from being sued after an employee gets injured in an accident. The protections put in place for employees are also beneficial, but they are often not enough.

For example, receiving a partial paycheck is better than no paycheck, but it still may not pay all of your bills. This makes it necessary to look for alternative sources of compensation, including filing a personal injury lawsuit.

The only way you can sue your employer is if they were directly responsible for your accident due to willful negligence. Asking you to weld in the course of your normal job duties is not negligence.

However, if you were doing something like welding on a platform without the proper harness being provided, any resulting accident could be their fault. Finding out requires taking a close look at what caused the accident and the role your employer played.


You Can Sue Third-Parties After a Welding Accident

There are no restrictions on suing someone other than your employer. If they caused or contributed to your accident, they can be sued. When reviewing what happened, we will investigate whether your equipment held up, for example. If something malfunctioned or didn’t work properly, that manufacturer could be to blame. This includes the manufacturer of your welding gear, the platform you were working on, your safety equipment, and so on.

Non-employees on the jobsite, such as contractors or passersby, can also be sued for negligence. This tends to happen more frequently when welding in a public place or a jobsite that is not closed to the public. For example, if someone moved the platform you were working on, that person could be to blame for your accident.


We Need to Gather Evidence

Your Boise welding injury lawyer will need to gather evidence that can demonstrate and prove who was responsible for your accident and why. The more convincing your case is, the more likely you are to receive compensation, making the investigative stage of preparing a lawsuit critically important.

Your attorney will carry out all of the following tasks:

  • Speak with any witnesses
  • Depose your employer, as well as anyone else involved
  • Review accident reports
  • Speak with your doctor
  • Determine if any third parties were involved in your welding accident
  • Find out if your employer could have prevented the accident

With this information in hand, we can negotiate a settlement on your behalf or present a strong argument in court for why you deserve compensation.


Get Legal Help from a Boise Welding Accident Lawyer

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