Being struck by a falling object can leave you injured through no fault of your own. Find out if you can pursue compensation through a personal injury claim by speaking with a Boise construction falling object injury lawyer.

Construction workers across the country are constantly at risk for injuries when operating power tools and heavy machinery and while working on rooftops and scaffolding. Every area of a construction site has dangers, and employers are obligated to keep worksites safe for their employees.

Falling objects are a major hazard that construction workers deal with on an everyday basis. Workers at construction sites are typically aware of their surroundings, knowing what to look out for. However, falling objects are usually a surprise for those beneath. When a falling object strikes a worker, devastating, long-term injuries are often the result.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from being struck by a falling object at a construction site, it’s best to seek the advice of a Boise construction falling object injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates who will fight to recover the damages you are entitled to.


Falling Object Risks

Falling objects can cause serious damage, from head and neck injuries to broken bones and even death. Most often, it’s unexpected when an object falls. Due to their weight and gravity, these objects fall with tremendous force, potentially causing deadly accidents.

Whenever work is taking place at heights, there is always the risk for objects falling and harming those standing and working below:

  • Hand Tools and Supplies – Hard hats, tape measures, wrenches, pliers, and many others
  • Building Materials – Pieces of concrete, nuts and bolts, bricks, I-beams, and more


The Injuries Falling Objects Cause

The injuries sustained from falling objects are typically catastrophic. Falling objects often strike the head, which can cause severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI), leading to brain damage, blindness, and other physical impairments or disabilities. Even a hard hat won’t necessarily protect you from a concussion or worse when an object falls from above.

When the neck and back are injured, severe spinal damage can result, leading to chronic pain and even paralysis. Broken bones are also a very real risk when you’re struck by a falling object, as is internal bleeding and organ damage.


Damages for Falling Object Injuries

Worksite accidents are complex, and the circumstances surrounding every case are different. In many cases, victims have to miss work for long periods of time or can no longer work at all, causing devastating financial and emotional consequences.

A Boise construction accident lawyer can investigate your case and recover the maximum compensation available. We can help you pursue a personal injury claim against a negligent third party to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and future income, and bills for medical and rehabilitative treatment.


Contact an Experienced Boise Falling Objects Lawyer

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