An electrocution accident can create all kinds of injuries and medical expenses for the workers involved. Find out if you can seek compensation by consulting with a Boise construction electrocution lawyer.

Construction sites present all kinds of hazards for workers. From working on high scaffolding and ladders to working with heavy machinery, electrocution is one of the biggest risks found in construction environments and causes serious and life threatening injuries on a surprisingly regular basis.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), electrocution is one of the “fatal four” as it often results in fatal injuries for victims. OSHA describes electrical hazards as anything that exposes workers to electrocution, shock, explosions, and burns. Construction workers face the dangers of electrocution on every jobsite, as electrical work is a part of every project.

If you have sustained an electrical injury on your jobsite, contact a Boise construction electrocution lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates who will help you recover the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.


How Electrocution Accidents Happen

There are many different ways that a construction worker can get electrocuted on the job. Most sites are going to have live wires and power lines in the area, so the risk is nearly always present. Sometimes workers are unaware of live electrical wires until it’s too late. Digging on sites is common, and when power lines below ground are struck, electricity can shock workers.

Contact with overhead powerlines is also dangerous. Construction workers who are operating equipment at heights may come into contact with these powerlines. For example, this often happens with crane accidents.

In addition, many construction workers get injured when coming into contact with energized parts. Energized parts may occur when there is physical contact with live or damaged wires. Malfunctioning power tools and machinery can also cause electrocution when equipment is damaged or defective straight from the manufacturer or distributor.


Injuries Caused by Electrocution

When construction workers come into contact with a live electrical source, severe electrical burns are usually the result. Regardless of the outcome, expensive medical care and other losses are commonly the result, not all of which will be covered by work comp:

  • Severe burns and scarring to areas of the body that come into contact with electric current
  • Neurological damage can affect function of the heart, lung, brain, and other organs
  • Wrongful death

High voltage electrical currents traveling through the body are most often fatal as they can lead to cardiac arrest. If the electrical exposure is strong and lasts for an extended amount of time, the heart will stop, killing the worker.


Contact a Boise Construction Electrical Burn Lawyer

Working with electrical currents is dangerous, and when you or a family member has suffered severe or fatal injuries due to electrocution on the job, contact the Boise construction electrocution lawyers of Craig Swapp & Associates.

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