If you’ve sustained a serious back injury, you might not have to settle for what workers comp pays. Find out if you have additional options for compensation by speaking with a Boise construction accident spine injury lawyer.

Back injuries can lead to intense pain, inhibited mobility, and even paralysis. Unfortunately, they happen all too often on construction sites. If you were hurt in an accident that resulted in spinal damage, you should call our office to speak with a Boise construction accident spine injury lawyer.

Your employer probably won’t tell you this, but you might qualify for more money than what’s offered by workers compensation. Each case is different, making it necessary to go over what happened with an attorney.


What Your Employer Knew or Did Could Be Used Against Them

Laws are in place to protect employers from being sued for workplace injuries. This means that in order to sue your employer, a special set of circumstances must exist. They would need to have known that they were putting you into a dangerous situation or be particularly negligent through their actions or inaction.

For example, if you suffered a back injury after your employer had been warned by OSHA to stop a certain behavior, they could be found negligent. If they failed to provide adequate safety training or gear, they could also be responsible.

In other words, your employer’s job is to provide a safe work environment, and your job is to perform your duties in a safe manner. When an employer knowingly puts their employees at risk, they can be sued.

Proving this requires evidence. To gather it, we will need to review the accident report you initially filed in addition to any notes you have. We will also perform the following tasks:

  • Interview witnesses
  • View photographic evidence
  • Conduct depositions to ask your employer questions under oath
  • Identify any third parties that may have contributed to your spine injury


Suing a Third-Party in a Construction Accident

It is possible for a third party to be held responsible for your back injury. This happens most frequently with manufacturers of machinery, safety gear, and other equipment, as well as with outside contractors.

When on the job, you expect everything you use to keep you safe so that you can focus on actually working. You expect machines to function in a certain way. If anything goes wrong, it can lead to a devastating accident and back injury—something the manufacturer would then be responsible for.

We have also handled cases where other people and outside companies are to blame for actions taken near you at the time of the accident. Someone making deliveries, for example, may have acted negligently.


Money for Your Spinal Damage

You deserve to be compensated after suffering a back injury at work. This is especially true if you have suffered paralysis of any kind. Your life will be significantly altered, and workers compensation insurance is unlikely to be enough to care for you and your family. This makes it important to file a personal injury claim, when possible.

You could receive money to pay for your current and future financial damages and non-economic losses:

  • Medical bills not paid through workers compensation
  • Your remaining lost wages not paid by workers comp
  • Transportation costs
  • Caregiver expenses
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Damage done to your quality of life


Call a Boise Construction Accident Back Injury Lawyer

After sustaining a serious spinal injury, you need legal representation. We can review what happened, determine if you qualify to file a lawsuit, and let you know how to proceed with your case.

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