Don’t allow a bone break or fracture to destroy your life, especially when someone else caused it. Find out if your injury could qualify for a financial settlement by speaking with a Boise broken bone lawyer.

Suffering a broken bone isn’t just painful, it can also interfere with your ability to work, decrease the quality of your life, and leave you with a mountain of medical debt. However, if your bone injury was the result of someone else’s carelessness, you can recover financial compensation for what you’ve endured through a personal injury lawsuit.

To do so, you’ll first need to know whether you have grounds for a case and exactly how much compensation you should expect. A Boise broken bone lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you answer these questions, as well as handle the insurance companies and legal hurdles on your behalf.


Proving Negligence for a Bone Fracture

Your Boise broken bone lawyer will investigate your accident and develop a case to prove the negligence of all at-fault parties. By identifying everyone who played a role in your injury, you will be able to maximize your potential sources of compensation.

All of the available evidence will need to be considered:

  • Accident and incident reports
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Pictures of both the accident scene and your injuries
  • Video footage
  • Medical reports
  • And more

Sometimes this is not enough to prove negligence, so we may also need to conduct depositions where we ask the other party questions under oath. This will allow us to determine if they have been involved in an accident like this before, if they were found at fault, and what they could have done to prevent the accident in the first place.


Types of Accidents That Cause Bone Injuries

Any time you are injured to the point of needing medical care, you should speak with a Boise broken bone lawyer from our office about seeking financial damages for your injuries. It is common for bones to break in traumatic accidents, such as any of the following:


Bone Fracture Types

There are several different types of broken bones, and how your bone broke will directly influence how much compensation you can receive for your injuries.

For example, if you required surgery or your bone fracture resulted in months of rehabilitation, you’ll receive far more than if you suffered a simple stress fracture that healed within a month. Your Boise broken bone lawyer’s objective will be to get you as much money as possible for your injury, regardless of how bad the break was.

Common types of fractured bones are listed below:

  • Greenstick Fracture – This type of bone injury occurs when the bone is bent but not broken.
  • Oblique Fracture – The bone breaks in a curved pattern.
  • Pathologic Fracture – These fractures are caused by a disease or other health problems and then made worse by a sudden injury.
  • Stress Fracture – Also known as a hairline fracture, this fracture type is the least severe.
  • Transverse Fracture – This occurs when the bone breaks into several pieces.


Receiving Compensation for a Broken Bone

You deserve to be compensated for your injuries and the impact that they have on your daily life. This includes paying for all of your current and future medical bills that will result from your bone injury.

Your settlement should include more than just medical expenses, however. With the help of a Boise broken bone lawyer, you can also receive money for any damages and losses that result from your injury or accident:

  • Physical therapy
  • Mobility equipment and medication
  • Lost wages and income
  • Transportation and caregiver expenses
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Treatment for emotional trauma


Knowing When to Settle a Personal Injury Claim

Once we have fully assessed the value of your claim and filed a lawsuit, the other party may decide to make a settlement offer in the interest of avoiding court. If the offer is fair and covers all of your current and future losses, you will have the option to accept it. We will evaluate the offer and advise you as to what your best option is, but in the end, the decision will be yours to make.

If you do not wish to accept the offer and a court-rendered verdict has the potential to bring you a larger settlement, we will represent you during the trial and advise you every step of the way.


Contact a Boise Bone Fracture Attorney

A bone injury shouldn’t put your future and finances at risk, especially when someone else was to blame. Contact Craig Swapp & Associates and find out what your case is worth and how to get the settlement you need and deserve.

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