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If you have been hurt due to the negligent conduct of another person or company, this harm is legally referred to as personal injury. Damages can be physical, and even psychological. Lost wages, pain and suffering, and most importantly, medical bills, are all ways that a personal injury can leave your body, mind and pockets drained. What you need to know about this is that there is a good chance that you have rights to compensation if you have encountered a personal injury – and the team at Craig Swapp & Associates can assist you through the entire process.

According to A Lawyer: After a Personal Injury

You matter – and your injuries should not be left ignored – which is why its so important for you to see a doctor immediately after your harm occurs. It’s best to be clear and mention every ache to them, along with any points of contact. Do not try to be brave and convince yourself that you’re fine if you are not. By doing so, you’re only hurting yourself more (along with hurting your case). Without care from a doctor, your injuries will be very hard to prove. After you’ve been diagnosed, contact a personal injury lawyer from our office at (208) 789-2160.

Get Help from a Boise Personal Injury Attorney

Over 214,000 people reside in the city of Boise, Idaho, not to mention those in surrounding cities. This many people makes way for a personal injury to occur at any time.

When you contact a Boise personal injury attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates, a representative will listen to your side of the story. We’re on your side and will do everything we can to find you justice for the damage you’ve encountered.

Boise Personal Injury Lawyer

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I was involved in an accident where a person ran into the rear of my vehicle while I was stopped at a stop light. I called Craig Swapp's office and from that moment I was treated very well by everyone associated with Mr. Swapp, I appreciate the great assistance I received from Amanda, Diana, and Mr. Swainston, the attorney who worked on my case. They were most professional and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to have a positive result to their case as I most certainly did! --Duane
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