If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Billings, a car accident lawyer from our firm wants to help you explore your options for a personal injury claim.

Billings, Montana, is no stranger to car accidents. In 2017, 3,914 accidents were reported, 532 of which resulted in injuries and six of which tragically ended in lost lives. When people are injured in car accidents caused by the negligence of another driver, they have a right to compensation for the damages they suffer.

Reach out to an experienced Billings car accident lawyer now to discuss your options for a car accident claim.

Dealing with Car Insurance Companies after an Accident

The insurance company of the at-fault driver is the party that typically settles with the injured victim of a car accident. Insurance companies provide necessary services in our modern society, but as for-profit businesses, they are motivated to save as much money as they can. They sometimes do that by minimizing the amount of compensation they give to those making a claim.

Quick, low offers; slow or nonexistent communication; and requests for recorded statements are just some of the tactics some insurance companies use to minimize or, in some instances, eliminate the settlement amount. The experienced personal injury attorneys at our firm understand how insurance companies work and are able to avoid those tactics in order to maximize the settlement amount for our Billings clients.

Car Accident Injuries and Medical Treatment Costs

After a car accident, some injuries are immediately apparent, like lacerations or severely broken bones. Other issues, like concussions, muscle strains, whiplash, or spine injuries may not be apparent to the injured party until hours or even days following the accident.

The important thing is that the victim receives the medical attention they deserve. A skilled Billings car accident attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates will work to ensure that the injured victim is covered financially for:

  • Emergency room or hospital visits
  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Surgeries
  • Any other past, present, or future care necessitated by the car accident

It’s important to note that once a settlement for personal injuries has been accepted, there is no going back for more compensation even if more medical treatment is required. Victims of car accidents need to get all the treatment they require before settling their cases.

Other Possible Damages in Billings Car Accidents

While the personal injuries a victim of a Billings car accident suffers are usually the largest portion of the overall compensation, there are other damages that may need to be accounted for as well. Some of those include:

The repair or replacement of the vehicle – The car accident victim should have their damaged vehicle either completely repaired or replaced according to the fair market value of the vehicle.

Pain and suffering – Car accidents are physically and emotionally damaging to those involved. Pain and suffering may be hard to exactly quantify, but a personal injury attorney can ensure that it is part of the final settlement.

A loss of quality and enjoyment of life – Often there are activities that a car accident victim enjoyed prior to the accident that are impossible or very difficult to enjoy after being injured—for example, playing a sport. When those things are taken away because of another driver’s negligence, fair compensation is deserved.

Permanent or temporary adjustments to home and vehicle – If the injuries suffered require the victim to make adjustments to their home or vehicle, like a wheelchair ramp, the car accident settlement should include compensation for those adjustments.

Lost wages – When a car accident victim misses work because of the injuries they suffered in Billings, they deserve compensation for those lost wages.

Every Billings car accident case is unique, and there may be more compensable items in your case, depending on the individual case specifics.

Fair and Full Compensation for Your Car Accident

Victims of car accidents deserve fair and full compensation that includes all the damages and injuries they’ve suffered. The insurance companies are aware that the majority of people filing claims are inexperienced in the world of personal injury law. They sometimes use that to their advantage by making settlement offers that don’t include compensation for all of the damages the victim suffered.

An experienced Billings car accident attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates can identify exactly what damages the victim suffered and understands how to translate those damages into fair and full compensation amounts. With that knowledge, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be taken advantage of by the insurance companies on our watch. 

Speak with an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Billings

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident you didn’t cause, you deserve fair and full compensation for all that you’ve suffered. Set up a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers today by calling 1-800-404-9000 or by filling out the online form at the bottom of this page. An experienced Billings car accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates is ready to help.

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