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At Craig Swapp & Associates, we’’re seeing more bicycle accidents than ever, especially as people have turned to cycling for enjoyment, exercise and commuting. While most bicycle-automobile accidents are caused by drivers who simply do not see a cyclist, some accidents are caused by aggressive drivers who attempt to intimidate or harm bicyclists. Unfortunately, when a bicycle and automobile collide, the end result is serious injuries for the bicyclist.

Insurance adjusters are quick to point a finger of blame at the cyclist, or do little to help you recover the full costs associated with the accident. As a cyclist, you may already be dealing with an adjuster who is confusing the issue of liability, questioning costs of the bicycle and accessories, or not understanding the full extent of the injuries. The adjuster’s goal is to delay or deny you from getting a full and fair settlement

Don’t let this happen to you. As Utah bicycle accident lawyers, we understand personal injury law as it applies to cycling. Utah law clearly defines the rights of law-abiding cyclists and we look to protect those rights.

If you were injured in a bicycle-automobile accident, and the accident was not your fault, Craig Swapp & Associates can negotiate a fair settlement that will:

  • Reimburse you for your medical bills
  • Replace any lost income
  • Repair or replace your bicycle
  • Reimburse you for damaged gear and accessories, including computers, sunglasses, helmets, cycling clothing, etc.
  • Compensate you for the pain associated with your recovery

Unfortunately, a severe bicycle-automobile accident can fatally injure the cyclist. During this difficult time, Craig Swapp & Associates can initiate a wrongful death lawsuit for the surviving spouse or family.

A cycling accident can also be caused by a defect in the workmanship or manufacture of the bicycle, its frame, fork, wheels, etc. If this is the case, our product defect attorneys will use their vast product liability knowledge to examine the failed component, and assess if a design or manufacturing flaw was responsible for the accident.

At Craig Swapp & Associates, we have several attorneys on staff who enjoy the sport of cycling and appreciate the challenges you face. Don’’t take your case to someone who can’t fully understand your situation. Contact our Utah cycling attorneys for a FREE consultation at 801-919-8899 or submit the details of your case on-line. Don’t delay. Those with the strongest cases involve Craig Swapp & Associates early.