Aviation accidents that occur in Utah are typically catastrophic in nature, resulting in victims who are severely or fatally injured as passengers in the aircraft or innocent bystanders on the ground. Such cases are highly complex and require an experienced aviation attorney to guide the injured victim or family survivors through the entire settlement process.

At Craig Swapp & Associates, we handle aviation injury cases involving:

  • Commercial Airlines
  • Small Private Aircraft
  • Leased Business Aircraft (including jets and helicopters)
  • Aircraft Used for Firefighting, Crop-Dusting, News gathering, Police Pursuit, Sightseeing, Etc.
  • Those Victims who were Injured or Killed on the Ground

Aviation accidents typically involve multiple defendants, such as the manufacturer of the aircraft, maintenance companies, the owner/operator of the aircraft, and/or airport traffic controllers. In addition, a number of government entities, such as the National Transportation Safety Board or the Federal Aviation Agency can play crucial roles in establishing liability. Because litigation for aviation crashes can involve multiple states and jurisdictions, legal action usually requires filing a lawsuit in Federal Court.

The involvement of multiple defendants and jurisdictions requires a Utah personal injury attorney who is both qualified to represent the victims in Federal Court, and is experienced in establishing clear liability for each defendant.

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