Whether you’re permanently disabled or temporarily inconvenienced, you deserve compensation for a car accident you didn’t cause. An Auburn car crash lawyer can get you every cent you’re owed.

Few accidents are more painful and sudden than car accidents. At high speeds, car collisions are especially violent, and when you weren’t at fault for the accident, the impact can feel even worse.

After a car crash, you may be seriously injured and in need of help, but where do you start? If the insurance company won’t cover your costs, you may need legal help getting the compensation you need to remedy the damage done to you.

If you’re like many auto collision victims, you may need an Auburn car accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates on your side. Our attorneys understand how difficult car accidents can be, but we know how to get you the settlement you need.

Fault and Auburn Car Accidents

When preparing your claim for your auto wreck, state laws should be one of your biggest considerations. After all, if you have missed or misunderstood one of Washington’s laws regarding your case, your compensation could be diminished or barred completely.

First, keep in mind that the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Washington is three years. This is a time limit on your claim, so if you don’t act within that period after your Auburn car accident, you could lose your right to recover compensation.

It’s also important to note that Washington is a “fault” state. For you as a driver, this means that there will be a driver who is considered “at fault” for your accident, and he or she will be held accountable for the damages any victims suffered.

But just because you didn’t cause the accident doesn’t mean your settlement is safe. “Comparative negligence” means that, if you’re found partially at fault, your compensation will be reduced by that amount. Take care when building your claim. A qualified lawyer can help you save your compensation from any blame being unfairly placed at your feet.

Getting Compensated for Your Damages

Fair compensation can help you get through the worst of your auto collision damages. After your accident, expenses from all sides may be piling up, and you need help fast. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer in Auburn can help you assess which damages you need to include in your claim.

When preparing your claim, be sure to include in your request for compensation any of the following damages that are applicable to your situation:

  • Current and Future Medical Expenses – Your injuries may be severe enough to require surgeries, therapy, or hospital stays, and you may need even more in the future. Be sure to include anything past and scheduled.
  • Lost Wages – Serious injuries can prevent you from working, taking away the income you and your family live on.
  • Emotional Trauma – While Washington does limit the non-economic damages you can recover, the pain and suffering you experienced should also be accounted for.

Consult with an Auburn Car Accident Attorney

An auto crash can be a life-changing event, and it can leave you reeling as you try to get back to where you once were. With fair compensation, however, you can get back on your feet and begin healing from your traumatic experience.

The attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates are just a click or call away from getting you on the right track after your wreck. Call us at 1-800-404-9000 or fill out our online contact form below to schedule a free consultation with an Auburn car accident lawyer.