listen to Raina

Great Organization – I contacted Craig Swapp & Associates after an accident I was involved in where the drivers insurance was not able to cover all my medical costs and left me with huge medical bills that i was unable to afford. After contacting Craig Swapp & Associates they sent a person out to speak with me at my home and he assured me they would do everything to get those medical bills paid for me as well as reimbursement for my pain and suffering. They did an excellent job and all my medical bills were paid along with some extra that i was able to use to pay off a credit card that had been charged while i was unable to work. Their customer service is excellent and their representatives and paralegals are very knowledgeable and considerate. Jennifer took a lot of my phone calls and answered all of my concerns and questions with compassion and understanding. She held my hand through the process and kept my mind at peace. She is an excellent asset to their organization and her knowledge and compassion superseded all of my expectations in relation to my case. I now have a constant peace of mind and am able to leave the past behind me all because of Jennifer and Craig Swapp & Associates.



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listen to Teddy

I want to Thank the great people at Craig Swapp and Associates. They have done a great job working with me while I am dealing with an auto accident. It is no fun when you are rear ended by a young and distracted driver. My first call was to 911 and my second was to my wife. As I was speaking to my wife my neck, back, shoulder and arm started to hurt. It took a while for the Police to do all the reports and the EMT's wanted to transport me to the hospital. We were only 2 blocks away and so I drove myself. A few hours later and some X-rays, they informed me that I was hurt. Whiplash was the symptom that was presenting the most at that time. That is when I made the third call to Craig Swapp's team. I set up my interview and Kenny (their amazing interviewer) came right to my house and took him time finding out all about the crash I was in. He was great to work with and truly understood what I was going through. I was contacted about 2 days later by Robyn who informed me she would be the person to contact and would be helping me through the process. And can I just say Robyn has been amazing. She calls just to check in on you and see how things are going and to answer any questions you might have. She is easy to speak to and helps you understand what is going on. If you ever need legal representation after an auto crash you should call these great people at Craig Swapp. You will be taken care of!! Thanks Robyn and Kenny. You have done a great Job!!


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listen to Brad

As I told Ron yesterday, I have never had such personalized attention from an attorney. He was very thorough, professional, good nature, and even has a good sense of humor. I have dealt with 2 other attorneys up here in the Ogden area, and they could not hold a candle to what I got from Ron. Amy Stocking is another wonderful lady to work with. She promptly returned all my call, answered any questions I had and has even gone above and beyond the "call to duty" by preparing my list of creditors. This took a load off of me and made my experience working with her that more pleasurable. Shelly has been "Johnny on the spot" with filing my bankruptcy and getting my case number just as quick as she got it filed. In general, you guys are awesome! I would definitely recommend you to others. I would love to spread the news on how great and professional you are. Thank you so much. This has been a big relief to get this "monkey off my back"!


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listen to Ron & Colleen

We were unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident several years ago and Paul Swainston was our attorney from Craig Swapp. Our account was handled in a friendly and professional manner and Mr. Swainston kept us informed of all the details involved with our account and we are very grateful that we had him to step us through this difficult time. Both myself and my wife sustained injuries and Mr. Swainston and the other office personnel in the Boise office displayed good old fashioned 5-star customer service where the customer is considered number one.

Thanks again,

Ron and Colleen

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listen to Phillip

There are so many challenges with an auto accident, especially when the insurance company of the person that hit me is denying that there is coverage. From my initial meeting with Joel to my conversations with Jessica Osborne, who has been assigned my case, I feel as though they are there to make sure that I am taken care of. Phone calls have been returned promptly and my questions thoroughly answered. Jessica has been great. She has called me to fill me in on how the case is proceeding. I can't imaging going through this without them having my back. I would gladly recommend Craig Swapp and Associates to anyone.


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listen to Susie

I was recently rear-ended, while at a dead stop, in a hit-and-run automobile accident, sustaining injuries which caused me to seek medical attention for eight months. Working with their insurance company was futile. Therefore, I turned to Craig Swapp and Associates. Knowing their reputation, I felt like I'd be well represented in seeking legal recourse needed. The investigator came to my home, gathered information, and within no time, I was represented by Bobby Udall and Ryan Swapp. Mr. Eudall and Mr. Swapp were not only highly educated and professional to present my case, they engaged me in the entire process; ultimately, Bobby was brilliant in court. Enduring the trauma of an automobile accident, particularly a hit-and-run, both were caring and very understanding of my fluctuating emotions during this whole process. I would like to thank them for this gift. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I would strongly recommend Craig Swapp and Associates!


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listen to Sophie

My husband and I lost our business and were in a lot of trouble with our creditors. We had several judgments against us and our checking account was garnished. We needed immediate debt relief. We called Craig Swapp & Associates and spoke with Amy and Shelley. They speedily put our case together and we met with Ron Glines. Our appointment went way past 5:00 pm but Ron stayed and finished our case so we could stop our garnishment. He made us feel important and did not rush our appointment. When we were finished we had a plan and new exactly what was happening. Amy and Shelley were also great to work with. They were very thorough with knowing exactly what we needed to put together for court. They were also very easy to get a hold of. Ron was prepared with everything we needed at every court meeting. The team at Craig Swapp & Associates were great. We were impressed and very happy with their services. This is a very hard time and it is important to have the best.


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listen to Travis

Peace Of Mind During Troubled Times – I was in an accident in March of 2010. I was in my friend's vehicle at the time and I believed the insurance company would "Take care of me." I quickly learned that I was on my own...or so I thought.
I called Craig Swapp & Associates and an attorney came to my home (130 miles away) and discussed the case. I knew it was the right thing to do in spite of all of the prior ideas I had about personal injury lawyers.
Best decision I ever made. I was concerned about how I would ever survive financially. From day one I had no worries. My only "job" was to get well again,
My lawyer discovered insurance benefits I never realized I deserved. I would never have been able to file a claim on my own, and I never would have been able to deal with the stress of working through the claim on my own.
Thanks to Craig Swapp and Associates I never had to worry about how the bills were going to be paid. My case was resolved in just over one year.
I was always able to contact my Lawyer. He always returned my calls promptly if he was not in the office. I always felt like I was a top priority.
I never want to see anyone close to me get injured in an accident. If they do however, I will make the call to Craig Swapp and associates for them if I have to.


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listen to Craig

I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle, and wasn't sure what I was going to do about taking care of my medical expenses. I had seen a billboard for Craig Swapp & Associates a week prior, and thought I'd give them a call. Being a student facing graduation soon, I was worried about having to deal with insurance companies and mounting medical bills. I shouldn't have worried at all! They have taken care of everything. Not only is the staff compassionate, friendly, and professional, I genuinely believe that they care about each and every one of their clients. Their support staff is amazing. It's a relief knowing that you have someone working for you that you can trust. Special thanks to Kristal for her patience, hard work and kind words. I would feel confident in recommending this firm to anyone in need.


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listen to Jacqueline

I am very pleased with the law firm of Craig Swapp & Associates. Late October 2012 I was peacefully driving to work when a large Sand & Gravel truck crossed over into my lane and hit and spun my small SUV. At the moment of impact all I could do was to hold on and pray that I didn't roll over. My car was totaled. This caused me to feel anger, frustrated and helpless. The day of the accident the opposing insurance company quickly began badgering me for my personal medical information. Not long after that he tried to pressure me to sign a medical release so that he could review my medical file. I almost signed when one of my friends told me that I needed to call Craig Swapp, "The One Call, that's all guy." I took his advice and called the 800 number. The receptionist was very polite and transferred me to an angel named Raine. She was wonderful, caring, and very informative. For the first time since the accident, I felt protected and calm. Raine advised me not to speak to the opposing attorney, that Craig Swapp & Associates would handle everything from that moment on. She brought great relief to me! Not long after speaking with Raine, Amanda contacted me. She is also very kind, informative, helpful, and keeps in touch with me on a regular basis. I feel very secure with the Craig Swapp & Associates Law Firm. I am so glad that I took my friends advice! They certainly deserve 5 stars!!

Jacqueline B.

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listen to Stacie

With my first phone call, I felt that I was treated as a valued client by this organization. From the first gentleman who came promptly to my work place for the initial interview, to all of my dealings with Laurae Long and Lee Peterson, I believed my case mattered to them and that they were working hard on my behalf. I was happy with the settlement they achieved for me, and would definitely contact Lee again if I ever have need of an attorney's services.


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listen to Courtney

I was in an accident and had my 2 young children in the car. After a week of still being in pain a good friend told me to call an attorney - and to make sure I get a good one. I made a call to the office of Craig Swapp and I have not been disappointed. Amanda Verrier has been working on my case and she has been amazing. She is always very quick to respond to any questions and concerns and even answers my questions before I ask them. There is a genuine care and concern for their clients. When I was hit a second time I was so grateful that I already had someone to go to. Amanda helped me every step of the way during a very stressful time. I hope there are no more accidents in my future, but if so, I will definitely be calling Craig Swapp.


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listen to Jacklyn

Craig Swapp and Associates did a fantastic job dealing with my auto accident case. They did everything in a timely manner and made sure that I was well taken care of. I would definitely recommend this law firm to any and everyone who is seeking representation. They even came out to my home to get the paperwork started on my case! What other law firm do you know of that would do that?


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listen to Stewart

Craig Swapp & Associates did an amazing job helping me with my motorcycle accident. I was hit from behind and ran over when on my motorcycle April of 2008. Jessica Osborne a paralegal there did an amazing job always following up with me and gathering all the info they needed. They got me a huge sum of money which completely paid all the medical bills and left me with a huge chunk of change to make up for my injuries and loss of work. If I ever get in an accident again. I will for sure give them a call. You'll be more than taken care of.


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listen to Maurine

Craig Swapp and associates saved me from a lot of stress. I never realized just how much goes into filing an accident claim until I was faced with it. 2 weeks after I was rear-ended I realized that the stress of the accident was so tremendous that it was preventing me from focusing on getting better and recovering from the injuries I suffered. I called Craig Swapp and the next day a representative came to my home, took my statement and explained my rights to me. I followed up with Robyn Erkkila who was amazing. She really made me feel like I wasn't just another number in line for a claim, but rather that I was someone who mattered and that my case was going to be handled with the utmost care and concern for me. It's nice to know that when you hear "One call that's all" that that is really all you have to do. Thank you Robyn for giving me the ability to focus on recovering from my accident rather than all the legal matters that was weighing me down. Because of you, I feel confident in the legal system again.


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listen to Irene

Good Morning, I am in process with Craig Swapp & Associates, Cindy Rhoades (Case Manager) is Professional, Respectful, Tough, Smart, Understandable, Helpful , Caring etc., she know what she is doing and what she wants, she KNOW'S HER JOB VERY WELL, I also know people reading this will say "she is getting paid" , however after hearing unpleasant stories from people I know and trust about different attorneys firm , I feel with her like family, she is MAKING SURE that my needs are #1 and that they are taken care off, not someone else , every question that I have she knowingly and accurately answered. At Craig Swapp & Associates people are extremely pleasant and know what they are doing, they are working for me (or you or any individual that necessitate their service) not the other person. After this case is completed, in the future if I necessitate any kind of attorney service I am not looking someplace else I will call them 1st for the reason that they are AWESOME. I have every respect for all individual at the firm specifically Cindy Rhoades. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL PERSONNEL AT CRAIG SWAPP & ASSOCIATES. THANK YOU


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listen to Karen

I was 9 months pregnant and was in an accident, I remembered hearing about Craig Swapp on tv and called them immediately. They came to my house and I signed paperwork. I had some questions about my case throughout and Paul would return my call and answer any questions I had :) They took care of everything and immediately got me in a rental car. Paul and his secretary Diana are AMAZING!!


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listen to Thomas

Wanted to make sure that my recovery was complete so I would not have to deal with back-pain issues the rest of my life. The Firm referred me to local Doctor. Researched where he went to school, training etc. My Doctor has impeccable credentials, training and I trust him. That helps with my recovery. This and other matters involved with the case are handled quite well by the firm and I have access to the local office when necessary for meetings. Now in time I hope to get back my normal life, thanks to the help from Craig Swapp & Associates Two Thumbs Up !


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listen to Andie

Since the day I phoned Craig Swapp & Associates I have felt at ease. I've trusted their firm every step of the way. Venessa Price has been my main contact person and has always been beyond helpful and is always quick to return my phone calls. If you want great service with a strong team, they are the ones to call.


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listen to Kaydene

I loved the people I came in contact with. It was not stressful at all. I got all my questions answered on the spot. Mark and Kristal helped me feel comfortable asking things I didn't know. I wouldn't recommend a better team or a better attorneys office then Craig Swapp. They say 'one call that's all!'. In my case it was one call that's all you've got to stress about is making the call.. You won't be sorry that you did!!


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listen to Brenda

I had the pleasure of working with Paul (Initial attorney to assist me). Jessica and James were both very helpful and kept things moving forward. Burke was very personable and he was a good match for me as a client. Thank you very much to your law firm. I fared out better in the long run with your assistance versus the opposite.

PS. Also, wanted to give the receptionist's credit. They are very professional, and connected me with whom I needed to speak with in a timely manner and always polite.


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listen to Tanya

I have been so impressed with Craig Swapp and Associates. The day after my accident an associate drove two hours to take my statement. Everyone involved in my case has been caring, concerned about my injuries, and very helpful with any question or concerns. Also a big thank-you to Jessica for all her help and quick responses....I look forward to continuing to work with everyone, and know I am in GREAT hands....


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listen to Anthony

I normally hate attorneys but in this case I will make an exception. I went to this firm after an auto accident and they were amazingly good to work with.


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listen to Mike

My wife and I were involved in an auto accident back in October of 2012. We contacted Craig Swapp & Associates and are very glad we did. They have been very helpful and we feel a lot better having them in our corner. Venessa Price is our Case Manager, and she is very helpful and does a great job of keeping us updated throughout the process. I would highly recommend Craig Swapp & Associates because they truly have your best interest in mind and you DON'T want to sit down and sign anything with an Insurance Company before talking to them first. We have found that it truly is One Call That's All. Thanks for all your help,


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listen to Brittany

Everyone at Craig Swapp has been so helpful. They are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone!! I haven't been let down at all by them. They are always quick and right on the ball with everything. I was in a car accident and as soon as I called them, they were so quick with sending someone to my city to investigate and moving forward with my case. I couldn't have a better attorney for my car accident. Thank you all so much!


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listen to Bob

I didn't think having a lawyer would make a difference. Thank you Cindy Rhoades and Burke Shields! I appreciate how as a team you two, with true professionalism, guided me through my case. I was very impressed with your patience, and understanding. I felt you had my best interest in mind the whole time. Thank you again.


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listen to Marylyn

Great law firm – We contacted Craig Swapp shortly after a family member was involved in a very serious accident. They had an investigator out to our house by that afternoon.
Their knowledge and handling of his case has been unmatched. I don't know where we would be without them. They have always had our interest first.
I would recommend them without any hesitation. They really do care about their clients and making sure they get the best possible outcome for them.


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listen to Oliver

My wife was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light last year. She was hurt pretty badly but they were "soft tissue" items that the insurance companies kept minimizing. Craig Swapp & Associates went above and beyond in getting us what we deserved. Don't go it alone.


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listen to Wayne

I was injured in an automobile accident. My insurance company was very uncooperative with me and cancelled my insurance even though the accident was not my fault. I didn't know what to do so I called Craig Swapp. An associate came right to my home to take my information and explain the next steps to me. Jessica handled my case and kept me informed through every step. Burke took over and negotiated a satisfactory settlement for me. They were both terrific. I could not have done this on my own. They were easy to work with and contact and always returned my calls promptly. They made me feel I was their most important client ever. I want to thank Craig Swapp and his staff for an excellent job. I would most definitely recommend Craig Swapp, Jessica, and Burke for their caring attitude and the excellent service they provided. Thank You very much.


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listen to Richie

Attorneys Brett Benson and Veloy Duke really went to bat for me. The insurance company wanted to settle my claim with me for $3,000.00. Brett and Veloy litigated my case and were able to get me $35,000.00. Thanks. I would highly recommend them to anybody.


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listen to Randy

Craig Swapp and Associates did an awesome job representing me and my case. I am particularly pleased with my attorney and paralegal for their professionalism and support given to me during my ordeal. Whenever I had a question regarding my case they were very courteous and always there to answer them and giving me advice. I never once, felt like I was an imposition to them for asking questions. I was well represented. Thank you Craig Swapp and Associates for representing me, and thank you for handling my case. I'd have no problems recommending you to anyone who asks.


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listen to Casey

Craig Swapp and Associates has done a great job for me. I forward the medical bills and they make the necessary calls. I have not had one single problem with them. I would recommend them first to anyone involved in an injury accident. It seriously has been one call and that's all!


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listen to Lindsay

I cannot express what a relief it was to get in contact with this company. The lawyer I previously had could have cared less about my case. The minute I spoke with Amanda, I knew I had reached a company that cares. They were very proactive in all areas of my case and legitimately interested in my health. Thank you so very much for being wonderful!


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listen to Joann

Thank you Craig Swapp and Associates, especially Heidi Hewitt and Chrissy Childs for your care, concern, professionalism, patience and kindness during the finalization of my auto accident. It truly was One Call, That's All. They took care of everything.


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listen to Mark

I found the service they provided with my accident to be top notch. They went out of their way to ensure I had everything I needed. Their experience with accident/Insurance claims was very evident and helped with a quick and fair resolution. The whole process was very easy.


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listen to Taylor

My daughters were in a car accident and I could not get the insurance companies to comply with me. I called Craig Swapp for advice on what I should do, they immediately began to help us with all the issues, not just the personal issues. Cynthia Vickers is assigned to our case and she has walked us through every step of this process. Cynthia has and still gone above and beyond to make sure that we are taken care of. I am very impressed with Craig Swapp & Associates dedication to our family.


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listen to Dylan

Salt Lake's Best Law Firm – This company really helped me in a time of need. I was side swiped when a girl ran a red light. I totaled my car and lost my dog in the accident. They dealt with the insurance company and helped me get a settlement to get my life back on track. I felt supported by them during the entire process. In particular, Jennifer Stephens showed compassion and was swift with her responses. Her professionalism was impressive. Thanks Craig Swapp & Associates!


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listen to Anissa

I was struck by a vehicle while working as a volunteer EMT. I did not know what to do or where to turn. I was drawn one afternoon to a commercial, it was the best call I ever made. From the start I was treated with respect. Paul Swainston and Diana Phillips were there for me, through some of the toughest times in my life. Paul even made a trip to the scene of the accident so that he could see first hand how it all played out. Without these two wonderful and caring people I would have never been able to receive a settlement. They overcame what seemed to me, insurmountable odds. I recommend them often. And will never forget their kindness, professionalism and friendship. Craig Swapp & Associates is the only call I would make, if the need was there again.


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listen to Carla

Carla, a bankruptcy client, called the firm one day and asked for Craig Swapp. She got his voicemail and left this awesome testimonial.

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listen to Duane

I was involved in an accident where a person ran into the rear of my vehicle while I was stopped at a stop light. I called Craig Swapp's office and from that moment I was treated very well by everyone associated with Mr. Swapp, I appreciate the great assistance I received from Amanda, Diana, and Mr. Swainston, the attorney who worked on my case. They were most professional and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to have a positive result to their case as I most certainly did!


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listen to Michael & Maxine


We've been quite satisfied with the service they provided so far. The investigator actually came to our house to get our information and our case manager Amanda has been great! Always willing to answer any questions or concerns we may have and always professional and courteous, concerned about what we need. We have no problem recommending Craig Swapp & Associates to our friends. Thank you Craig Swapp & Associates.

Michael and Maxine


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listen to Tina

In a very stressful time I found calling Craig Swapp's office to be a life preserver for me. It has been a wonderful feeling to know this office is working for me. Vanessa, the associate that had been assigned to my case, has been very attentive to me and my sons' case. I have found this office and Vanessa to follow through on EVERYTHING they have said they were going to do. I was even impressed when Vanessa was unsure on a question I had and Attorney Swapp actually called me and was able to answer my questions. This office is truly there to help and that is EXACTLY what they are doing. I highly suggest this office for anyone who is in need of help.


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listen to Scott

In all my life I have never needed a personal injury attorney, until I was rear ended in California while on vacation. I remembered the ads all over town, "one call thats all". It's great to see that Mr. Swapp isn't an absent owner. The first appointment I had was with Craig Swapp. He made me feel very much at ease and that he was on my side. Since that first meeting I have been assigned a senior attorney and Jessica Osborne. Jessica has been great. She follows up with me every two weeks and fills me in on how the case is proceeding. A Great Big Thanks To Craig Swapp and Associates!!


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listen to Li

My experience with Craig Swapp has helped make my recovery process from my car accident much smoother and simpler. Their staff has been more than helpful with providing the correct references and necessary advices in my case. I am very grateful for their help and assistance.


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listen to Brent

My granddaughter and I were hit head-on in a car accident last year. We were both injured and were not sure the steps to take. On a whim I called Craig Swapp and they came right out to my house and explained how everything is done. I work with Robin and I should not say I work with because Robin has done all the work and is there for me with assistance and to answer any questions I may have. It has been a long hard road, but if you are forced to walk this path, at least it should be golden. Thank you Robin!


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listen to Mike

At 43 years old, I was in my very first auto accident when I was hit by a drunk driver. I had never consulted an attorney for anything, so I was totally out of my comfort zone. "One Call, That's All" was spot-on for starting the process, and quickly recognized that I was new to this type of experience and regularly kept me in the loop and educated me about the process. I am 100% convinced that they represented my best interests and negotiated the highest settlement possible (it was above my expectation). If any of my family or friends are ever in a similar situation, I will definitely recommend they contact Craig Swapp.


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listen to Lynnea

I was stopped at a light when a drunk driver hit me from behind at high speed. As a result, I suffered severe neck, lower back, and shoulder damage that has required me to have major surgery and constant doctor visits for over a year now. I've had a couple lawyers years and years ago, and never have I ever been treated like Craig Swapp and associates have treated me. They've treated me like I was family or a close friend. Cindy Rhoades is my case manager and treats me like I'm important and that I matter. All of the paperwork, doctors visits, and pain make me want to cry sometimes.

When I write an email to Cindy telling her I can't take much more of this, she always, always! makes me feel better. By explaining everything to me so that i understand it. By giving me encouraging words. Most of all I have never ever had to wait for a reply. She gets back to me the same day 99% of the time. In one email I wrote to Cindy I had told her that the company was lucky to have her. She's so nice and understanding. There were a few times Cindy could not answer a question for me and Mr. Swapp phoned me just a few hours later to give me answers. Another time I was so upset about a bill I received, and emailed Cindy about it. Within an hour she called me, rather than e-mailing me because she knew that I was upset and wanted to ease my mind. I don't know about anyone else, but I have to say that I didn't think a law firm would or could even be like they are with their clients.

Bottom line is that if you need a lawyer for any reason, I would tell you that Craig Swapp and associates are not only the best attorneys for the job. They make you feel like you have everything coming to you that you deserve, and they want to help you. They make you feel like they're not doing it for the money, they're doing it 100% for you. Cindy, I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done and made me feel like a friend, and Thank you Craig Swapp for Helping me. All of you are the best of the best.


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listen to Mark

I must say that I was skeptical to hire an attorney to help with my Wife's car accident case. I called Craig Swapp and from the start I was very pleased with all the people I came into contact with. They were nice and professional. My agent: Heidi did a great job, was very helpful and most of all patient with me during the process.

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listen to Jessica

Best Attorney! – After getting in an accident caused by another driver a friend recommended I get an attorney. I didn't think I would need an attorney, or even understood what I was getting into, I hadn't been in an accident like this one before. But I did as friends advised and meet for free with Craig & Swapp. It was definitely needed! My 2 year old son was in the accident as well. They took both of our cases individually and really personalized us separately and made sure we were each taken care of. The case is still open almost a year later and my paralegal has taken care of everything!! She is amazing!! Calls me at least once or twice a month to see how I am, see how my services are going, make sure I am getting everything I need to get better. She has great referrals for doctors, physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, surgeons....she knows and does it all!!! There is no way I could have made it out of this without Craig & Swapp!! Thank you!!


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listen to Dustin

I was injured in a car accident and the driver that hit me provided false insurance information to the police. I thought i was going to have to battle it out with my own insurance company, so I called Craig Swapp and Associates. They did a very thorough job of investigating my claim and found that the driver that hit me did in fact have his own insurance. So I didn't have to pursue my own insurance co. after all. A big thanks to Kristal for all her help and hard work she was great to work with.


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listen to Kori

My baby and I were in an extreme car accident last November when we were hit by a drunk driver. She had no insurance, so I was pretty sure I'd never see a dime. Paul Swainston is an absolute rock-star attorney and an amazing human being. He got my daughter a settlement that I never would have been able to obtain on my own. He went above and beyond to make himself available to me and keep me informed. It's reassuring that they ARE here locally, they've even offered to come to my home (I recently had surgery r/t said wreck). Craig Swapp & Associates is the only law group I would deal with if I needed help again. Thanks so much to all of you! Definitely would recommend Craig Swapp & Associates.


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listen to Todd

I have had a GREAT experience with Craig Swapp & Associates law firm. I called and I received a very quick response to my need. They also got me into a Physical Therapy firm that really met with my needs and I feel much better. I would recommend this firm to all who have suffered an injury in an auto accident that wasn't their fault as they are looking out for my best interests. THANKS!!!!!!!!!


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Need to reach the national or local Social Security administration for disability benefits or something else? Here's their contact information.


Social Security Disability Calculators

Use a social security disability calculator to figure out how much money you are entitled to. Here are a few links to help you out.


Need Help Receiving Your

Have you been denied Social Security disability benefits? We can help. Give us a call today for a free consultation. Let our experts give you the help you need.


Social Security Disability Laws

Do you want to know where Social Security disability laws originate and where you can find them?


Qualifications for Social Security Disability

Are you asking "how do I qualify for Social Security disability insurance benefits?" Here's what you need to know.


SSDI Denied Again?

Many of our clients have been denied SSDI benefits numerous times before they contact us for assistance. Sometimes, with a single claim, the client has submitted an appeal, only to receive a second denial.


The Foundation of Your Rights

In all societies, government power tends to build and overstep itself at times. Our court system exists to ensure your natural rights are not violated.


Take the Constitution Challenge

When is the last time you read up on what the Constitution says? Do you know what the supreme law of our land says?


The Constitution

Have you completed the Constitution Challenge? If so, take the 15 question quiz and test your knowledge of our founding document.


Car Accident

One in twenty drivers this year will be involved in some type of auto accident. And if it happens to you, will you be prepared for dealing with the police, injuries and insurance hassles?


What is a photocopier?

Hilarious (and true story) deposition re-enactment video trying to get an IT person to admit they have a photocopier in their office.


Think you've got

"Broken glass sprayed the back of her head and she immediately felt sharp pains in her back and neck." You be the judge.


Bankruptcy In

Want to learn more about bankruptcy in Utah? Check out our new infographic to find out some interesting statistics!



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