Correcting Injustices

“Most people need a lawyer to help them reverse an injustice in their life” says Attorney Craig Swapp. “That injustice could be the unpaid costs of an injury caused by a negligent person, driver or large corporation. Or it could be a person who has lost their job or experienced some other financial reversal. He or she may face the injustice of losing the family home or having wages garnished”.

According to Swapp, correcting such injustices is critical to helping people get on with their lives. Each year, Craig Swapp & Associates helps several thousand people a year receive justice through pre-trial negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings. “We are well-known for our ability to wage a battle in any legal arena”, says Craig Swapp.

To help its clients receive justice, Craig Swapp & Associates boasts a large attorney staff of 15 lawyers, along with several dozen legal professionals & all of whom are dedicated to helping their client receive the legal assistance they need and deserve.

Justice may come in different ways to a client of Craig Swapp & Associates. A client may be injured and need a full and fair settlement from the insurance company for all medical costs, lost income or wages, and pain and suffering. Justice may mean going to court to make sure a dangerous prescription drug or medical device is taken off the market. Justice is providing a fresh start for a family looking to rebuild its financial foundation.

One Call, That’s All Puts our Team to Work Helping You

Craig Swapp says, “At Craig Swapp & Associates, we look at every clients case as a means to bringing justice to an unfair situation. We’re here for the underdog: the everyday person who normally doesn’t have the legal clout to receive justice. That’s our mission”. Contact us! One Call, That’s All. 1-800-404-9000