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Winter Truck Crashes Causing Concern

We still have a lot of winter to get through, but it seems like the past few weeks have brought an especially large number of attention-getting crashes involving trucks to the Boise area.

With these incidents in the news and on drivers’ minds, we hope that everyone on the road takes steps to drive more safely for the rest of the season.

Truck-on-Truck Collision Proves Fatal

The worst recent crash in the region was just over the border, in Malheur County, Oregon. On December 30, two semi-trucks hit head on after one strayed out of its lane.

Both drivers died in the wreck, which left the trucks a smashed and burning mess and kept the road closed for more than half a day while the site was cleared and about 400 gallons of spilled diesel fuel was cleaned up. Two passenger vehicles (both from Idaho) were involved as well, but their occupants were not injured.

Numerous Other Incidents

That was one of several truck crashes last month. The same day, ice was blamed when a semi jackknifed and caused an eight-vehicle pileup on I-84 along the Idaho-Oregon border.

Earlier in the month, a Nampa man was killed in a late-night crash when he rear-ended a trailer on I-84. Another Nampa man died at the start of December when he apparently failed to see an approaching train at a crossing and drove his truck into its path.

Closer to home, a four-vehicle crash only a few miles from our office was triggered when a semi pulling two tankers full of milk crashed into another truck. Milk was indeed spilled, but fortunately, there were no injuries, and the only crying to be done was over the damaged vehicles and the cleanup that closed part of the interstate for more than five hours.

Second Fatal Truck Head-On

The Malheur County crash was the second truck-on-truck crash with fatal consequences last month. The first happened in Filer, near Twin Falls, when a large pickup left its lane and collided with a semi hauling two trailers.

One driver died at the scene; the other at the hospital shortly after. It’s not known what led to that crash, but it happened at 2:21 a.m. and research has shown that drivers who cut back on sleep have a much-increased risk of getting into an accident.

One consistent fact about truck crashes is that when a truck and a car collide, the trucker usually survives: Only about 17 percent of those killed in truck collisions are in the trucks. That’s mostly due to the tremendous difference in size between the typical truck and standard passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, when the two vehicles in a collision are both trucks, the drivers no longer have that default safety net, as happened in this crash and the Malheur County incident.

Boise Truck Accident Lawyer

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a truck or a car, drive with caution and stay alert both to how your own vehicle is operating and to what all the drivers around you are doing. Defensive driving remains the best strategy.

Unfortunately, crashes will still happen. When you or someone close to you has been the victim of a car or truck crash, you need the help that an experienced personal injury attorney can provide. Craig Swapp & Associates has helped many clients with their cases and we’re ready to help you.

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