Wal-Mart and Other Stores' Toxic Jewelry
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Wal-Mart and Other Stores’ Toxic Jewelry

Over the years a lot of products have come out of China containing hazardous substances. Sadly these issues continue to plague manufacturers in that country. Wal-mart and other stores have been selling jewelry made in China that contains cadmium, a cancer-causing toxic heavy metal which sits on the CDC’s hazardous substances list at #7 out of 275. Wal-Mart is taking “swift action” though what that is, is unspecified in the article. The store Claires’ response was to point out “children’s jewelry is not required to pass a cadmium leaching test.” Do we really need to specify tests for every toxic substance to ensure stores avoid selling products with those substances? China is looking into this…naturally… http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,582854,00.html Product liability attorneys handle issues ranging from defective products to dangerous drugs. Periodically we get asked if someone can sue a store or manufacturer over some type of issue like this. However, the law doesn’t just let anyone file a claim against a company. There must be actual damages that directly result from some type of negligent conduct before you could bring an action against someone.

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