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Utah Workers Comp Benefits

When it comes to workers compensation, it’s all about the benefits. Let a Utah workers comp lawyer help you understand the benefits you’re owed.

When you’ve been injured or become ill at work, you are probably aware that you’ll be protected under your employer’s workers compensation insurance policy. You may not know what these benefits will cover or how much you’ll be able to receive, however. If you’d like more information about Utah workers comp benefits, continue reading.

Replacing Your Income

After you’ve been approved for Utah workers compensation benefits, you can begin to recover without the stress of financial insecurity. You know that you’ll be receiving a weekly or monthly benefits check, but do you know what these benefits are meant to cover? Let us explain.

Each person’s benefits will be different. This is because everyone’s injuries are different—some are more extensive than others. The more serious your injury or illness is, the greater your work comp wage coverage should be.

The maximum allowed is 85 percent of the state average weekly income. Those who receive the maximum benefits are often permanently disabled and will never be able to seek other forms of employment. 

Likewise, the amount of time for which claimants can collect benefits varies. Generally, until you are medically cleared to return to work, you can continue to receive your benefits. Should your employer offer you a lesser position that you are able to work, even if it pays less than your previous position, you will likely need to accept the offer if you wish to continue collecting benefits.

The amount you receive will be adjusted to accommodate the income you’ll receive in the lower-paying position, and you should continue to collect unless or until you are able to return to the position and pay grade you were in prior to your injury.

The maximum amount of time a claimant can receive benefits is 312 weeks over a period of twelve years. Once this time has passed, you can become eligible for lifetime benefits or even Social Security Disability benefits.

Coverage of Medical Costs

Under no circumstance does the state of Utah expect work injury or illness victims to cover the costs of their medical expenses. The Labor Commission of Utah has ensured that workers comp insurance companies are required to cover medical costs associated with your on-the-job injury or illness.

Some of these expenses could include your hospital bills, prescription medications, copays, rehabilitative therapies, medical equipment, and any other expenses related to the care and treatment of your injury.

Because workers compensation will likely cover any medical expenses you incurred due to your work injury, you’ll be able to use the weekly or monthly benefits you receive for household expenses, such as your rent or mortgage, groceries, utilities, phone bills, car insurance payments, credit card bills, and other similar financial responsibilities.

Consult a Utah Workers Comp Lawyer

If you would like to discuss the specifics of your case or have more questions about what to expect from your workers compensation benefits, reach out to a Utah workers comp lawyer with Craig Swapp & Associates today. We make it easy to schedule a free consultation by providing an online contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also give us a call at 1-800-404-9000.

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