The Importance of Hearing Briefs
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The Importance of Hearing Freifs

At Craig Swapp & Associates, we have established some practices that we consider crucial to maintaining our high quality of service. One of these practices is the writing of pre-hearing briefs for every hearing. A pre-hearing brief is a letter or memo written to the judge that outlines the medical and vocational (work) evidence of the case and presents the theory of the case (the reasons we feel your case should be awarded). In our experience, judges appreciate these briefs, as it gives them an outline to follow during the hearing and a summary of the overall case. This also helps to establish a positive rapport with the judge and starts the hearing out on a good foot. Sometimes, these briefs lead judges to approve cases without having to hold the hearing, which eliminates the hearing entirely and moves the claim to payment processing faster. These are known as On-the-Record decisions. Some attorneys do not write pre-hearing briefs, not wanting to take the time to evaluate a case in advance of a hearing. We feel, however, that it is well worth our time and provides a thorough analysis of your case, making our representatives that much more effective at your hearing.

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