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The Car Accident Survivor’s Guide

soft-ebook-175x300One in twenty drivers this year will be involved in some type of auto accident. And if it happens to you, will you be prepared for dealing with the police, injuries and insurance hassles? To help you prepare for and survive your accident, Craig Swapp & Associates has prepared this informative eBook: The Car Accident Survivor’s Guide: What you should know before and after a serious car accident. This guide provides a general overview of what you should know about:

  • How much insurance you should carry to protect you and your family from liability, as well as irresponsible drivers.
  • Dealing with the police and witnesses, as well as the importance of documenting the accident scene.
  • When you should seek medical care or physical therapy.
  • Handling the long-term costs associated with severe injuries, including surgeries, disabilities, disfiguration, or future health issues.
  • Insurance adjustors and the tricks they use to delay or deny you fair compensation for your costs following an accident.
  • Property damage issues regarding the repair or replacement of your vehicle.
Download your copy of our pdf e-book by clicking The Car Accident Survivor’s Guide.
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