Summer Road Trip Safety for Parents of Small Children
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Summer Road Trip Safety for Small Children

As a parent, there is no responsibility more important than keeping your child safe, and the vehicle is an obvious place to start.

A summer road trip can quickly turn into your worst nightmare if an auto accident occurs – especially when a child is involved. Particularly with small children and babies, the obligation of keeping children safe in the car lies solely in the hands of the parent(s).

Is my child too old for a rear-facing seat?
If your child weighs at least 45 pounds, the answer is probably yes. Some rear-facing seats are designed for even less weight than that, so always check the model’s labels, instructions, and warnings.

I have too many children to fit in my backseat.
This is a situation that should be avoided. All children under the age of 13 should ride in the backseat. In an emergency, if you must have a child in the front seat, choose the largest child, and move the vehicle seat as far as possible from the airbag. Always adhere to the law in your state and use proper gear (car seat/booster/etc.).

When can my child start using a regular seat belt?
The belt should lie across the chest and shoulder, not on the child’s neck. Generally, seat belts are permitted when a child’s height reaches 4 feet, 9 inches tall. However, always check your state’s law to be sure.

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