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Steps for Preparing to Drive to Work in Winter

Driving during the winter is not an easy task. Each year, about 1,300 people are injured and miss time from work because of work-related motor vehicle incidents. Winter conditions put you at a greater risk for an accident and can also have negative effects on your vehicle, not just because of the snow and ice but fog, rain and limited visibility are factors as well.

How to Prepare for Winter Travel

Always keep plenty of fuel in your vehicle, give yourself enough time before you hit the road, and prepare your vehicle for winter conditions. Reduce your driving speed to accommodate to the weather conditions and give yourself enough space between other vehicles. Avoid braking suddenly or accelerating. Most importantly, never feel pressured to complete your journey if the weather conditions are too extreme. Below you will find a few more helpful tips for driving to work in the winter.

-Check the weather forecast the night before and listen for weather advisories in the morning to find out if there are any delays.

-Make sure your lights are on so your vehicle is visible to other drivers.

-Ensure that your washer bottle is filled with windscreen wash and the wipers and defrosters are working.

-Keep your windows clear and don’t start driving until your windows are completely defrosted and clean. Keep an ice-scraper available for ice and/or snow.

-Make sure that all four of your tires are in good conditions and inflated and always have a spare tire handy.

-Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle with water bottles, a reflective jacket and a torch with extra batteries.

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