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St. George Personal Injury Lawyer When you have suffered an injury due to the neglect of another party, it is extremely important that you have a St. George personal injury lawyer working on your behalf sooner than later. These type of complex cases involve more than being injured, and at Craig Swapp & Associates, you have a dedicated team of experts working for you in all phases of the case. You have nothing to lose by taking advantage of a free initial consultation to meet with the lawyers in this office and let them show you how they can help you to win your settlement.

At Craig Swapp & Associates, you have an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner who will not give in to low-ball tactics by insurance companies to settle for far less than deserved. Your St. George personal injury lawyer will first make certain you see only the best physicians in this region, many of which are highly respected in the courtroom. Our team of accident investigators will revisit the scene of the accident and gather video, photographs, and testimonies from witnesses.

We will build a rock solid case for you based on a strong foundation of evidence. Our friendly staff is a phone call away at 800-404-9000 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Located in the southwest region of the state, St. George is home to almost 76,000 residents. Personal injury is a common occurrence in such densely-populated areas as this. If you’ve been hurt, reach out to the office of Craig Swapp & Associates by calling 800-404-9000.

We now have representatives available at every hour! If your pain is keeping you awake, or if you have to work late, or if you’re just a night owl – the friendly staff at from our firm are ready to discuss what happened to you the moment you are ready. Consultations are always free, and our investigators can meet you anywhere in St. George that you decide on (even in the hospital or at your own home). Contact your new personal injury attorney now.