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Shoulder Pain Pump Product Lawsuits

If you or someone you know has developed chondrolysis (destruction of the cartilage) in the shoulder as a result of using a pain pump either before or after surgery, have them contact us right away. The FDA last year issued a warning stating:
• Chondrolysis (PAGCL) was diagnosed within a median of 8.5 months after the infusion. Almost all of the reported cases of chondrolysis (97%) occurred following shoulder surgeries.
• Neither local anesthetics nor infusion devices are approved for an indication of continuous intra-articular infusion.•
Based on the reported cases of chondrolysis, following continuous intra-articular infusion with local anesthetics, the FDA is requiring the drug manufacturers to update their product labels to warn healthcare professionals about this potential serious adverse effect. FDA is also exploring possible options for addressing the safety issues with the infusion devices (e.g., labeling changes, etc.).
• Several different brands of pain pumps fall into this category including I-flow, Stryker, Sorenson, and others. For additional detail please visit our shoulder pain pump lawsuit website and please let everyone you may know suffering from this condition about the site.

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