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Shocking Inspection of Tylenol Plant

On May 6th, 2010, the FDA released a report on their inspection of a Tylenol Plant in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. The report was very discouraging and one former employee of Johnson & Johnson was reported to have said the report was “the worst I’ve seen. It suggests that basically the FDA found an issue with almost every system at the plant.” We previously reported the large scale Tylenol recall that parent company McNeil had issued for dozens of liquid products and want to reiterate the need for parents to take precautions that if you have one of these lots that you return it to the store and get new medicine, preferably a generic that hasn’t been potentially tainted in some way with contaminants or by being made too weak or too strong in the active ingredients. The CEO of J&J has publicly apologized, but with as widespread a problem as this is and with controls at the plant so lax, it seems stronger measures need to be taken to send a message. CNN Money reports that among the options the FDA has would be to shut down the plant or impose constant inspections. What do you think is fair?

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