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Setting the Record Straight: Misconceptions About Personal Injury Law

Have you suffered from a personal injury and did not receive legal help? You may be under the impression that hiring an attorney would be a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, not everything you hear holds true. Here are some misconceptions about personal injury and the process of seeking legal counsel:

• Your injuries are not sufficient enough
• Insurance companies have your best interest in mind
• Hiring an attorney means court dates and spending money you don’t have

These no doubt seem like valid reasons to opt out of legal support. However, they are far from truths. By not having all the facts you do yourself a disservice. Allow me to put these lies to rest.

The laws of personal injury are foreign to most people. An attorney will know exactly what your rights are and can ensure you are compensated accordingly. Regardless of your injuries, having legal support will maximize your settlement. Maximizing is a contrary goal of the insurance company.

One of the first things we are encouraged to do after an injury is contact the insurance company. Once they are on the phone, you are told it is necessary to record your statement of what happened. The request seems innocent enough, right? Wrong! Once you agree and proceed without an attorney on your side, you open the window for potential trouble. If you are not careful, the words you say can be taken out of context and used against you.

By having an attorney, you can avoid stalling insurance companies that rather spend their resources in finding ways to delay or not pay at all. In those instances, going to court is crucial and having legal support will be to your advantage. And unlike some insurance companies, an attorney will inform you on the danger of settling before your medical treatment is complete. The risk of not having your medical bills included in your settlement could put you in indebt.

Are you starting to see the advantages of receiving legal help? Craig Swapp & Associates is there for you. And best of all, we only get paid once your settlement is complete. That’s right, you do not have to worry about the cost of getting the legal help you need. So don’t give it a second thought. Let the professionals handle your case.

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