Salt Lake Father Victim of Hit-and-Run in Front of Children
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Salt Lake Father Victim of Hit-and-Run in Front of Children

Salt Lake City police are still interested in finding the driver who struck a father in front of his children late last month and fled the scene.

The crash, which happened the evening of September 29, left the man alive but with serious injuries. He was in a crosswalk at Indiana Avenue and Emery Street when he was hit by a vehicle and thrown about thirty feet. The man had been learning to skateboard with his children, and his twelve-year-old daughter witnessed the crash.

As of the last published report, the Salt Lake City Police Department believed it had located the vehicle involved but had not yet found the driver, who was described only as a white man in his sixties wearing a construction safety vest.

Extended Recovery, but Hopeful Outcome

The injured man will probably remain in the hospital for several more weeks. Damage to his right leg was severe, and he’s undergone surgery to repair multiple fractures. A bone graft is still planned. Fortunately, his doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Rash of Hit-and-Runs in Salt Lake

There has been a disturbing series of hit-and-run crashes in our area in recent weeks. At the end of August, a man on a stolen motorcycle struck and killed a pedestrian in South Salt Lake. That driver was apprehended in dramatic fashion a couple of days later.

In mid-September, a woman was injured not far from the Indiana Avenue crash when a driver hit her as she was crossing North Temple. That driver abandoned the car and fled on foot. A man crossing Redwood Road in Taylorsville in late September was killed by a driver who stopped and then drove off.

And only a week after the Indiana Ave. incident (on October 5) an eerily similar incident occurred when a driver hit a skateboarder at the intersection of 700 South and 200 West, only about a mile and a half from the previous week’s crash. Witnesses said that the driver of that vehicle also stopped briefly and then drove off.

Serious Crime, Limited Consequences

In Utah, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash doesn’t carry very serious penalties. The maximum sentence, even when a hit-and-run causes someone’s death, is only five years in jail and a $2,500 fine. When there was intent to harm or criminal negligence, that can bring harsher penalties, but that’s not easy to prove.

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