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Salt Lake City Workers Compensation

Seeking workers compensation benefits? Get in touch with a Salt Lake City workers comp lawyer.

Suffering an injury or falling ill while on the job can leave you uncertain about how your future will play out. How severe is your injury? How long will your recovery be? And, probably most concerning, how will you support yourself while you aren’t able to work?

At least some of these fears can be addressed with the protections of Salt Lake City workers comp benefits. Continue reading to learn more about what makes a person eligible for workers compensation benefits, what these benefits will cover, and how to file a claim.

Criteria for Salt Lake City Work Comp Approval

To have your workers comp claim approved, you must meet two primary criteria. To start, you must have been gainfully employed and earning wages through the company where you were injured. It does not matter how long you had been employed or how many hours you put in each week.

From the date of your hiring, you are eligible to collect benefits. If you volunteer, you will not qualify unless your volunteer work is with a government entity.

Second, your injuries must have occurred while you were on the clock performing the duties of your job. If you were in violation of company policy, intoxicated, or breaking the law when you were injured, your claim for benefits may be denied.

Your Benefits and What They Cover

Once you’ve been approved for workers comp in Salt Lake City, you’ll begin receiving benefits that are designed to replace a portion of the income you’re missing while you are temporarily unable to work. As a general rule, you will be able to collect up to 66 percent of your pre-injury income.

If you are only temporarily disabled but still able to work part-time hours, you may be approved for partial disability benefits that will make up for the income you’re unable to earn. It’s important to note that, if your current employer is able to provide you with a lesser-paying position or fewer hours to accommodate your injuries, you cannot receive benefits if you refuse the offer.

In addition to supplementing your loss of income, Salt Lake City workers compensation is also meant to cover the total medical costs associated with your injuries. These could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Transportation costs
  • Hospital bills
  • Copays
  • Prescription medications
  • Medical equipment
  • Adjustments to your home to accommodate equipment
  • Physical and occupational therapy

Essentially, you are not expected to cover any of the medical costs stemming from your work injury or illness. With medical costs steadily on the rise, having these expenses covered by your workers compensation should help alleviate some of the financial burden being out of work can cause.

The Salt Lake City Workers Comp Claims Process

Filing a workers compensation claim is relatively simple. You begin by notifying your employer of your intent to file a claim. This is crucial, as failure to notify your employer within 180 of the date of the accident or diagnosed illness could render you ineligible for benefits.

Once you notify your employer, it will have seven days to file your claim with the insurance company, which then will report your injury or illness to the Industrial Accidents Division of the Utah Labor Commission. You have a right to receive a copy of this report. From there, your claim will be reviewed and a decision will be made.

If your claim is denied, we might speak with the insurance adjuster and see if providing additional medical documentation or paperwork will help your case. If that doesn’t work, we may request mediation with the Adjudication Division of the Labor Commision to see if it will approve your benefits. Your last option if mediation fails will be to have your case heard by a judge.

Speak with a Salt Lake City Workers Comp Attorney

Although the process of handling a workers compensation claim can be complex, you don’t have to go through it alone. Contact an experienced lawyer with Craig Swapp & Associates for help navigating your claim or beating a wrongful denial.

You can schedule a no-cost, obligation-free case evaluation with a Salt Lake City workers comp lawyer today by giving us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or filling out the contact form we’ve provided at the bottom of the page.

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