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Salt Lake City Workers Comp Denial Lawyer

No injured worker is prepared for workers compensation benefits to be denied. When you need to secure the benefits you’re entitled to as soon as possible, contact a Salt Lake City workers comp denial attorney.

When you’ve suffered a work injury or become ill due to the conditions of your job, you expect to be protected under Utah’s mandatory workers compensation insurance. Receiving a denial can be an unnecessary burden on the already difficult situation of being unable to work and trying to figure out how you’ll support yourself and your family.

If you need help understanding why your claim was denied or would like assistance while filing an appeal through the proper channels, get in touch with a Salt Lake City workers comp denial lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates.

Reasons Your Claim Might Have Been Denied

Because workers comp benefits are issued on a no-fault basis, meaning the person responsible for the injury or illness is irrelevant, few circumstances can result in a valid denial of benefits. Still, these common reasons for a denial are crucial to a claimant’s understanding of why his or her right to benefits may be denied.

If you improperly filed paperwork or failed to notify your employer within 180 days of your injury, you can be denied workers comp benefits.

Other reasons your Salt Lake City work comp claim can be denied could be if you were committing a crime when you were injured, if you were intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, if you were working off the clock, or if your injury or illness was caused by an undisclosed pre-existing condition, rather than the obligations of your position.

How to File an Appeal

When none of the above reasons for a denial applies to you, and you are an otherwise deserving claimant, we can take steps to gain you the approval you need for your workers comp benefits.

We may start by reaching out to the insurance adjuster who has made a decision about your claim to see if providing additional paperwork or other supporting medical documentation will reverse the denial.

After we provide all of the necessary information and clarifications they may have required, if they still deny your claim, we can move forward with the appeals process by contacting the Adjudication Division for a hearing and mediation with the work comp insurance company.

Then, if mediation fails, we can ask for a judge to hear your case and make a final decision regarding your claim.

Reach Out to a Salt Lake City Workers Comp Denial Attorney

No claimant who has suffered a work injury should have to be burdened by the financial worries that come from a denial of benefits. To get help resolving your claim with the insurance adjuster or to move forward with filing an appeal, contact a lawyer with Craig Swapp & Associates.

Give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the contact form below to schedule your free claim evaluation with a Salt Lake City workers comp denial lawyer.

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