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Salt Lake City Factory Accident Lawyer

Working at a factory puts you at high risk of injuries. When you suffer an injury on the job and are concerned with how to secure your finances while you’re out of work, consult with a Salt Lake City factory injury lawyer.

Although you are more than aware of the safety protocols you need to follow while working your factory job, not everyone adheres to proper procedure. This can result in serious injuries to employees. Luckily, your employer is required to carry workers compensation insurance. So you should be protected, right?

While this is often true, workers compensation isn’t always a sure thing, and it doesn’t cover certain damages. That’s why some factory injury victims consider filing a personal injury claim to hold the person responsible for their injuries financially accountable for their actions.

A qualified Salt Lake City factory accident lawyer from our firm can help you assess the details of your accident and injuries and devise the best way forward as you pursue fair and full compensation for all you’ve been through.

Workers Comp Benefits for Your Salt Lake City Factory Accident

Workers compensation benefits are more or less considered a right. All employees are to be covered under their employers’ insurance policies from the moment they are hired. As long as their injuries occur at work while performing the obligations of their position, they are entitled to collect benefits.

Workers comp is decided on a no-fault basis. This essentially means that, although your injuries may have been due to the negligence of a coworker, supervisor, or even the company itself, fault is immaterial. You’ll be able to receive your benefits regardless of who caused your injuries, even if you hold some of the blame.

These benefits should cover all of your medical expenses related to your illness or injury and supplement your income while you are out of work. Depending on how severe your injury was, how long you’ll be out of work, and what you made each week prior to being injured, you can expect to collect up to two-thirds of your pre-injury income.

Unfortunately, although workers comp in Utah is usually reasonable in its dispersal of workers compensation benefits, the system does not always cover all of the damages that occur as a result of serious injuries like those tied to Salt Lake City factory accidents. This is when you can consider filing a personal injury claim.

When a Personal Injury Claim Applies

You may be able to recover your losses in a personal injury claim after your factory accident in Salt Lake City. Blame and negligence become crucial to your case.  Although you can only sue your employer if he or she knowingly put you in harm’s way or failed to maintain work comp insurance, you may be able to seek personal injury compensation from a third party if that party contributed to your factory accident.

If, for example, a manufacturer of heavy equipment used in your workplace produced a defective and dangerous product that injured you, you could seek compensation from the manufacturer.

If your injury claim is successful, you may be able to recover non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and emotional distress, as well as the percentage of lost income you are not able to collect through workers comp.

Get in Touch with a Salt Lake City Factory Accident Attorney

Many employees believe they have forfeited the right to sue their employer through a personal injury claim due to their workers compensation coverage. This isn’t always the case. When the negligent or irresponsible behavior of someone else has put you out of work, you may have the right to hold that party accountable and recover full compensation for your damages.

You can schedule a free consultation with a qualified Salt Lake City factory accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates by filling out the online contact form below or giving us a call at 1-800-404-9000.

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