Is Work-Related Stress Covered by Workers Comp in Utah?
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Is Work-Related Stress Covered by Workers Comp in Utah?

Not all work-related injuries are visible ones. While a mental disorder or other stress-related injury is not as clear and easy to diagnose as a head injury or broken bone, it’s just as important to handle because it can worsen and lead to serious consequences.

The number of states that cover these injuries is growing, but is work-related stress covered by workers comp in Utah? As uncommon as this coverage is, knowing whether you’re eligible before you try reporting your injury to your employer can be useful.

If work-related stress has made it difficult or impossible to work, consider getting a workers comp lawyer on your side. Because these injuries are more difficult to diagnose, you may need help arguing your case and proving that your condition is serious.

What Workers Comp Covers

Typically, workers compensation should cover any injuries caused by your work environment. Most people recognize that work environments are often stressful, both physically and mentally.

Many jobs require repetitive tasks. Chefs may spend hours chopping food; factory workers may use the same motions repeatedly to run their machines. Any tasks that require repetitive lifting of heavy objects run the risk of causing physical stress that could manifest into a physical injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  

However, mental stress can be just as serious. While the effects are rarely as physical and visible, emotional stress can develop into more severe conditions.

Fortunately for Utah workers, mental stress is a compensable injury. You will be expected to provide evidence that your work-related stress is severe enough to require compensation, but you are able to file a report of injury just as you would with a serious physical injury.

Your Options for Action

While work-related stress can be covered, you will need evidence that you are unable to work because of it. Speak to your doctor about your options and notify your employer that you’re unable to work and would like to file a work comp claim.

You claim will be handled like any other workers compensation case. The Utah Labor Commission will receive it, and you will receive an approval or denial from the insurer. If you receive a denial, however, don’t be discouraged. You’ll have a chance to appeal and fight for your case.  

Get Help from a Workers Comp Lawyer

When you’re dealing with mental stress, you need help. The good news is work-related stress is covered by workers comp in Utah—even if it may be more difficult to claim than physical injuries.

If you’re struggling with your case or have already received a denial, give a Salt Lake City workers comp lawyer a call. Mental stress is just as serious as any other injury, and you deserve fair compensation.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your claim, or if you’ve gotten a denial and you need help with your appeal, we’re ready to fight for your rights and your case. Simply give Craig Swapp & Associates a call at 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the form below.

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