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When you’ve been injured, the details of your accident and filing a claim don’t matter to you nearly as much as getting the compensation you need to recover. Let a Salt Lake City injury attorney handle the complicated details of your claim while you focus on recovering.

Car crashes, slipping and falling, dog bites—injuries can come from all kinds of accidents. But when you’re hurt and it’s someone else’s fault, the end result should always be the same: You get the compensation you need to cover the expenses tied to your injury.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. But a Salt Lake City injury lawyer with Craig Swapp & Associates can drastically raise your chance of securing a positive outcome for your personal injury claim.

How Were You Injured?

Understanding what caused your injury is an important part of deciding who you should name in your claim for compensation. Your Salt Lake City attorney will be able to help you understand the circumstances of your accident and who you should hold accountable.

Some common incidents that lead to injuries include the following:

Your Injury Level Matters

How badly you were hurt lays the foundation for your case and the amount of money you will receive. If you recovered from your injuries fairly quickly, you will get far less than someone with a debilitating brain injury.

To better explain the impact of your injuries, your attorney may examine your medical records or speak with your doctor. Keep in mind that even minor injuries like whiplash or a wrist sprain can warrant compensation, so just because you recovered quickly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t file a claim.

Did You Suffer a Brain Injury?

A concussion or traumatic brain injury can lead to lasting health problems, including memory loss. Victims often need to relearn daily tasks and skills.

Some common brain injury symptoms include the following:

  • Dizziness and loss of balance
  • Memory loss
  • Inability to care for yourself
  • Severe headaches or migraines
  • Mobility problems
  • Personality changes
  • Severe depression and anxiety

The symptoms associated with brain injuries vary widely because all areas of the physical body, along with mental and emotional health, are controlled by the brain. It is common for victims to need full-time care, either permanently or temporarily.

In a situation like this, a Salt Lake City injury attorney can work to ensure you are fairly compensated. That means being compensated for every way your life has been impacted. Getting money for medical bills and physical therapy won’t be enough. You also deserve compensation for all future expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering related to your injury.

Spine Injuries

A spinal injury can lead to partial or full paralysis, restricting mobility and preventing you from caring for yourself. Paralysis can also negatively affect your personal relationships and your ability to enjoy life.

You can and should be compensated for those losses if someone else is to blame for your injury.

Even those who don’t suffer paralysis may require spinal surgery and ongoing physical therapy and remain in terrible pain. The result can be an inability to work and support yourself.

While the insurance company may try to pay only for current medical bills or say you can work after all, a qualified Salt Lake City lawyer with our firm will know how to prove otherwise.

Broken Bones

Although a broken bone is usually nowhere near as severe as a major spinal injury, it can take months or even years to recover from, especially when it has fractured in multiple places. Surgery may be required, and physical therapy can take months to complete. Depending on which bone was broken, you may even be unable to care for yourself.

Breaking a bone can lead to expenses far beyond medical bills, including transportation, in-home caregivers, and lost wages from being unable to work.

Severe Burns

Severe burn injuries can profoundly alter your appearance and leave you in the hospital for months. Skin grafts and other facial surgeries are often required, and victims sometimes suffer infections and additional injuries as a result of being burned.

The damage and financial impact of burn injuries is extensive because of high medical bills and your probable inability to work while you recover. Many burn victims are forever scarred, and the emotional impact of being disfigured can be devastating. You may be awarded significant compensation for pain and suffering as a result.

Speak with a Salt Lake City Attorney

The person responsible for your injuries will likely try to deny responsibility and limit the compensation you receive. Don’t let that happen.

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