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Salt Lake City Testosterone Heart Attack Lawyer

When a medical professional tells you a medication is safe, you expect that to be true, but many people taking testosterone have found that not to be the case. If you’re one of those people, a Salt Lake City testosterone heart attack attorney may be able to help you get compensation.

Taking testosterone may increase your risk for a heart attack. If you’ve had a heart attack that may be linked to testosterone therapy, call a Salt Lake City testosterone heart attack lawyer to find out whether you’re eligible for compensation.

Testosterone and Heart Attacks

study conducted by the University of California Los Angeles found that men who were at risk for heart disease doubled their heart attack risk by taking testosterone replacement therapy. Numerous studies have been conducted since, and the scientific community does not appear to be in agreement on the effects of testosterone.

Many doctors are using this conflicting information as an excuse not to warn patients of the potential heart attack risk. But they should warn patients, especially since heart attacks can be life-threatening or debilitating.

What your doctor told you about testosterone before you took it could be important to the success of your claim for compensation.

Risk vs. Reward

Many men are told that testosterone is natural and perfectly safe and there is no need to worry about side effects. But that makes it impossible to weigh the risks and rewards of replacement therapy. Patients have the right to know what the side effects are and decide what medications to take based on that information.

If you did not have that choice because no one warned you, a testosterone heart attack lawyer in Salt Lake City can file a claim on your behalf.

Proving Negligence

To win your lawsuit, your attorney must prove the negligence of the pharmaceutical company or doctor in not informing you of the risks associated with the drug.

To prove negligence, you need evidence. That’s why your attorney will gather documents, witnesses, and scientific evidence to use in your case. Depositions may also be conducted so parties can be asked questions under oath. This often leads to more information and evidence.

Your Expenses

The value of your defective drug claim is going to depend on several factors, beginning with how severe your heart attack was and how it affected your life. If the health consequences are long-lasting, you’ll get more money than someone who immediately recovered.

Your testosterone heart attack attorney will start by calculating your economic damages. These may include the following:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Medical care
  • Surgeries and procedures
  • Medication
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Wage losses from taking time off work or being unable to return to work

Having a heart attack can also lead to immense stress, making it important to seek compensation for pain and suffering.

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You don’t have to suffer financially on top of suffering physically and emotionally after a heart attack. Your heart attack might have been the result of testosterone replacement therapy, and you deserve to be compensated accordingly.

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