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Driving is an essential but dangerous part of life. If you’ve been injured in an auto crash, you’ll want the help of a qualified lawyer when you seek compensation for your damages.

If you were in a car crash caused by another driver, you deserve to be compensated for the negative impact the accident has had on your life. This includes compensation for your medical bills and other expenses, as well as the intangible impact your injuries have had.

To make sure you get all the compensation you’re entitled to, hire a Salt Lake City auto injury attorney to with Craig Swapp & Associates.

Your Case Could Take Time

Auto accident cases don’t always settle right away. In fact, they can sometimes take years. However, if you hire a Salt Lake City car crash injury lawyer, you will have someone gathering evidence and working to negotiate a settlement from the very beginning. This can make the process go much faster.

In the meantime, you need to file an accident claim with your insurance company. The insurer should pay for your medical bills while the case is pending, which will help minimize your immediate accident-related expenses.

Who Caused Your Crash?

Filing a lawsuit is only possible if someone else caused your accident.

But car crashes in busy Salt Lake City often involve more than two vehicles, which makes establishing fault in your case more complicated. But a qualified auto injury attorney will be able to sift through the details to find out who you should name in your claim.

Still, even accidents involving only two vehicles create the need to prove negligence. To do so, your attorney may do the following:

  • Review accident reports
  • Interview witnesses
  • Examine pictures and video footage from the scene
  • Speak with your doctor
  • Conduct depositions

It’s possible that more than one person or a third party contributed to your crash. Your attorney will make this determination and point to all appropriate parties.

Compensation for a Solo Crash

If your auto injury occurred in a crash between you and a tree or a phone pole, you probably assume that you can’t seek compensation. In most cases, that’s true. However, other parties can be to blame, even if yours was a solo car crash.

For example, if something malfunctioned inside your vehicle, it could be due to a product defect, and the manufacturer or mechanic could be to blame.

If the roads weren’t properly maintained and that caused your crash, you could name a government entity that is responsible for maintaining safe roads in your claim.

Injury Compensation for an Auto Accident

Based on the circumstances of your auto accident, your Salt Lake City injury attorney will know all the types of compensation you should seek.

These may include the following:

  • All accident-related expenses like medical bills and therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

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