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Teenage drivers tend to be more easily distracted and have less experience behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, this often results in teenager involvement in serious car accidents.

If you have been in a wreck involving a teenage driver, call our office right away and schedule a consultation with one of our Salt Lake City teenager car accident lawyers.

Risks Associated with Teenage Driving

Several risk factors contribute to teenager car accidents. What follows are some of the most common.


Most teenagers would scoff at the idea, but driving skill takes time and experience to develop. It’s a simple fact that teenagers are new to being behind the wheel and haven’t yet had the opportunity to develop their driving abilities to the fullest. Bad weather, poor road conditions, or mechanical failures could all cause a teenage driver to panic and over-correct leading to an accident.

Distracted driving

As any high school teacher or principal will tell you, teenagers have a tendency to be easily distracted. With the advent of cellphones and other modern conveniences, distracted driving has become prevalent in teenager accidents.

Up to 25 percent of all accidents on the road today are caused by somebody driving distracted by his or her cell phone. This number goes up significantly when the person driving is a teenager.

Being young and inexperienced is no excuse. If you were hit by a distracted teenage driver, contact a Salt Lake City teenager car accident lawyer to explore your options for compensation.

Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Alcohol and recreational drugs can play a significant role in teenager accidents. The teenage years are a period of exploration, which often leads teenagers to do things like drive under the influence of either alcohol or recreational drugs such as marijuana.

Already inexperienced behind the wheel, when a teenager drives under the influence, it increases the risk of being involved in an accident significantly.

In the end, this is just another form of negligence. Young doesn’t necessarily mean innocent. Find out how to hold the other driver responsible by discussing your case with a Salt Lake City teenager car accident lawyer.


Teenage drivers have a reputation for being reckless and driving at faster than necessary speeds. Already a significant factor in causing accidents, speed—when combined with a teenager’s inexperience—creates a dangerous situation that leads to large numbers of car accidents.

Proving Negligence

Just because a teen driver is involved in an accident, it is not a forgone conclusion that he or she will be considered negligent or liable for the crash.

Our job is to gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate the other driver’s negligence. Working with a Salt Lake City teenager car accident lawyer gives you the best opportunity to receive the maximum level of financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

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