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Provo Workers Comp Lawyer

Workers compensation is there to protect you, but you might end up having to fight for the benefits you know you deserve. For qualified help with that fight, call a Provo workers compensation lawyer.

Utah created the wage replacement and medical care program called workers compensation to help both workers and employers in the event of a work accident. It’s no-fault insurance that nearly all employers in the state must have.

Even though the workers comp system is no-fault, you may still have to fight for a fair amount to cover your work injury. That means you may need a Provo workers comp lawyer on your side. The experienced attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get the most out of your workers compensation benefits.

Who Qualifies for Workers Compensation in Provo?

If you work for almost any Utah company (with very few exceptions), especially industrial, construction, or mining companies, you’re covered. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been on the job for thirty minutes or thirty years. Fault has no part in your coverage, either, since it’s a no-fault insurance program. So even if you’re partially or mostly at-fault, you shouldn’t worry.

Three caveats are as follows:

  • If your injuries were intentional and self-inflicted, workers comp doesn’t cover anything.
  • If you didn’t follow safety procedures or use safety equipment, your disability compensation can be reduced.
  • If your injuries were caused by drug or alcohol use or abuse, your workers compensation benefits may be denied completely.

In Utah, there are two primary levels of workers compensation: general and severe. To qualify for general benefits, you need to show the following about your workplace injury, occupational illness, or loved one’s work-related death:

  • It was the result of your work-related conditions, environment, or tasks.
  • Your personal health was negatively affected through your work.
  • Neither the company nor any individual intentionally caused your injuries.
  • The injuries were not pre-existing before you obtained employment with the company you’re filing a workers compensation claim against.

To qualify for severe benefits, you need to show that your injury, illness, or loved one’s death was due to your employer’s intentional and serious misconduct. Your workers comp lawyer in Provo can help you assess your claim and push for the maximum allowable compensation.

What Benefits Does Workers Compensation Provide?

While every case is different, and your Provo workman’s comp lawyer can help maximize your potential benefits, workers comp is generally supposed to pay for the following:

  • Medical care, including doctor visits, hospital bills, medical tests and treatments, medicine, prosthetic or home-care devices, and travel costs for receiving medical treatment
  • Temporary total or partial disability
  • Permanent total or partial disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits for family members of someone who died in a Provo work accident

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