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With 250 years total experience in the legal arena, a knowledgeable injury lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates is truly your advocate for justice from unfair insurance companies, aggressive creditors, uncaring bureaucrats, and unreasonable prosecutors.

An injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates has the legal experience and expertise to successfully handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including vehicular accidents, dangerous premises, dog bites, defective medical devices, and dangerous prescription/over-the-counter drugs. We also have experienced attorneys available to handle important consumer practice areas – such as bankruptcy or denied veterans benefits.

Craig Swapp & Associates personal injury lawyers are licensed to practice in nine Western states, as well as the District of Columbia. Over the years, we have gained the litigation experience necessary to take any case to mediation, arbitration or trial. And we can handle any jurisdiction, whether it is local, state or federal court. Our accident attorneys’ ability to successfully and aggressively litigate personal injury cases means that insurance companies, government agencies and other defendants are more likely to negotiate fair and full settlements for our clients.

Our accident attorneys have been acknowledged time and time again by their legal peers for their knowledge and application of the law. Just as importantly, they are also respected by our clients as caring and friendly legal advocates dedicated to protecting the rights of those seeking justice.

Our Injury Lawyers

Although our attorneys have graduated from some of the finest law schools in the country and have passed rigorous bar examinations, we know it’s important that they continue to fine-tune their legal skills. Every few months, our attorneys attend certified legal courses to keep current with the law and to learn the latest and best legal strategies. Our aim is to make sure our attorneys have every tool available to benefit our clients’ legal interests.

All Craig Swapp & Associates accident attorneys are assisted by trained paralegals and other legal assistants who are eager to help clients with their questions and help monitor the progress of the case. If you have any question about your case, you are welcome to contact your attorney or one of his or her legal assistants. Our aim is to keep you fully informed about the progress of your case and to ensure that your rights are fully protected.


By choosing Craig Swapp & Associates as your legal representative, you can take comfort in knowing that our lawyers and legal staff are dedicated to helping you in your search for justice. Contact a dedicated injury lawyer today by calling 800-404-9000 or using our online form.

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