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New laws that take Effect this Month

As we welcome in the new year, the state of Utah will begin enforcing three new laws. The first law that will take effect in 2016 is popular with animal advocates. Pit bulls have been banned and restricted in the following 10 cities in the past year.
-South Jordan
-North Salt Lake

These cities will now have to remove all restrictions because the legislature passed a statute that prohibits any city from banning pit bulls or any other specific breeds of dog. Animal advocates are pleased with this decision because they believe that there is no credible evidence that shows that breed determines whether a dog is dangerous.

Another law that goes into effect on January 1st but will not have a big impact until later on in 2016 relates to the Count My Vote initiative. If they collect a certain number of signatures from voters, candidates that are running for higher office in the state of Utah can bypass the state’s caucus and convention system to reach a primary election.

Uninsured Drivers
Lastly, the third law relates to uninsured drivers. The new law requires law enforcement to impound cars on the spot if the driver does not have insurance for the vehicle. Some citizens believe that this new law is a waste of time and money because the uninsured driver database is not always accurate.

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