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Murray Workers Comp Lawyer

After a serious on-the-job accident, you need workers compensation benefits to continue supporting yourself and your family. If you’re having trouble getting those benefits, call a Murray workers comp attorney for help.

A work accident can happen at any time, and whether someone was acting negligently or something unforeseeable went wrong, the results are the same: You’re hurt and in need of compensation while you recover. While your employer is responsible for any injuries that take place at work during normal hours, the company or its workers compensation insurer might resist giving you what you’re owed.

In fact, you might not even be sure that you have access to work comp benefits. When you’re uncertain about your workers comp claim, speak with a Murray workers comp lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates. When you need your benefits to support yourself and your family, you need someone on your side to help you get every cent you deserve.

Compensation for Workers Injured in Murray

First, you’ll need to be sure that you’re eligible before you ever begin fighting for your work comp benefits. While nearly all Utah workers do have workman’s comp coverage, there are a few types of employees who won’t have mandatory coverage by law.

Like many states, Utah exempts certain domestic and agricultural employers from providing workers compensation coverage. This is usually based on payroll minimums and the number of employees. If they pay their employees less than a certain amount per year, they aren’t considered employers.

Other individuals are exempt from coverage, including independent contractors, sole proprietors, or partners in a partnership. However, this doesn’t mean you’re automatically excluded from workers compensation. There are exceptions to these rules, and you may need to speak with your employer about what’s available to you.

After that, call a workers comp lawyer in Murray who can make sure you get the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

Your Workers Comp Benefits

Injured workers in Murray may have several workers comp benefits available to them. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to request the following benefits in your claim:

  • Medical Benefits – When you’re injured at work, you deserve to have all of your expenses covered. This includes your initial treatment and any other care you might need in the future.
  • Total Disability – In some cases, you might be completely unable to return to work, whether that’s just for a few weeks or for the rest of your life. Total disability covers a portion of your weekly wages to help with this.
  • Partial Disability – Otherwise, you may be able to return to work in a diminished position. Your partial disability benefits should cover up to two-thirds of the difference between your original weekly wage and your new, lower wage.
  • Death Benefits – Sadly, you might be seeking information after you lost your spouse to a work accident. Families may be entitled to up to $9,000 for the burial and two-thirds of the deceased’s weekly wages.

Talk to a Murray Workers Comp Attorney

Making sure you have the work comp coverage you need can be confusing, so when you need benefits but aren’t sure how to get them, contact a lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates. Our attorneys can get you started with a free consultation and make sure you get the compensation you need to support your family.

Get started now by calling a Murray workers comp lawyer at 1-800-404-9000 or completing the online contact form below to schedule a free consultation.

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