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McDonald’s Recalls ‘Shrek’ Glasses

If you or someone you know has purchased one of the 12 million collectible Shrek glasses at a McDonalds restaurant, McDonald’s is asking that you return the glass immediately for a full refund. They have discovered the glasses contain cadmium which has been shown to have injurious health effects. A few months ago certain retailers including Walmart issued a recall over jewelry containing cadmium which we reported on as well. McDonald’s has said the levels of cadmium are far less than that in the recalled jewelry, but it still warrants a recall to protect people from the long-term exposure to a material known to cause kidney and other health issues. Some individuals are saying McDonalds will take a hit for selling an unsafe product to the public, but mistakes do happen and it is comforting to see that McDonalds is doing the right thing in recalling the glasses immediately after discovering the issue. The true problems occur when there are cover-ups and deceptive practices to benefit the bottom line while causing widespread problems for people such as in cases like fen phen and other dangerous drugs. When you or someone you know needs a product liability attorney, we hope you will turn to Gregory & Swapp.

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