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Home Security tips for Holiday Travelers

Are you part of the millions of Americans who will be traveling during the holiday season? This is a very joyful time of the year where family and friends gather to celebrate. As you go through your to-do list to prepare for your trip, don’t forget about your home. Home security, especially during the holidays is a must. This season sees an increase of crime and theft. Don’t be a victim of this. Here are a few tips to help secure your home, if you will be traveling during the holidays.

• Don’t forget to lock up

Something as simple as not locking your door can make your home a key target for theft. Enable your alarm system if you have one. You can also set a reminder to yourself by getting the Alarm.com app. The app will send you an alert and let you secure your home in a single touch. Also, avoid leaving spare keys under a welcome mat or outside in general. Most thieves know potential hiding places.

• Lighting
Motion sensitive fixtures give the perfect lighting as well as help ensure security. Lighting is very important. You never want people to think your home is unattended. This could be the difference between your home being targeted or not by thieves.

• Beware of porch pirates
Never leave packages on your porch unattended. Take advantage of electronic delivery alerts and tracking to ensure that your package is safe. Since the increase of online shopping, theft of packages from front porches has also increased.

• Protect your outdoor valuables
Before you leave make sure to secure your lawn mower, grill, bike or any other outdoor gear. Always protect your outdoor valuables. Burglars look for sheds and garages. Indoor valuables are just as important. Avoid putting them where they can be visible from the street.

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