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Dodging Parking Lot Fender Benders

It’s after work and you are ready to get home. Then you remember you need milk. After a quick run to the store you are finally back in your car ready to go. You put your car in reverse and look both ways, check your mirrors and begin to pull out. BOOM! You think, “What in the world was that?”

Fender benders can be a frustrating way to end or begin your day. There are common reasons why they happen. Maybe a driver did not take the time to look thoroughly, they were speeding through the parking lot, or someone was driving carelessly. Here are some helpful hints to get you home without the headache of a fender bender:

➢ Slow down. You are able to better react to sudden changes in your surroundings. By not speeding, you can prevent close calls like running a stop sign or hitting a child.

➢ Be observant. Use your eyes, mirrors, and cameras to check every angle possible before backing out. Turn your entire body, not just your head, to increase your scope.

➢ Utilize your space. When you park in the center of your lines, you can avoid unnecessary dents and scratches to you car. If the parking lot is busy, park away from stray carts and crowded sections. But remember to stay in a safe area.

➢ Be patient. Stay calm and use caution when pulling into a space. Watch out for an open car door and wait for the individual to close it. If someone is loading their car, show respect to drivers behind you by finding another parking spot, instead of causing traffic jam.

➢ Back up. Consider making this a habit. By backing into a parking space, you set yourself up to pull forward when you are leaving. This eliminates the possibility of a fender bender, tremendously.

You may be eager to get to your next destination. But being smart in the parking lot will dodge time spent dealing with a fender bender. Remember these helpful hints and drive safe.

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